GWAIITEL - services

By: Gwaiitel  09-12-2011

GwaiiTel and the Haida Gwaii Community Network (HGCN) complies fully with Industry Canada BRAND Program and CRTC guidelines for open access. 

GwaiiTel operates as a CRTC-registered non-dominant carrier with a transport network serving the 7 communities of Haida Gwaii, as a wholesale reseller of telecommunication services, based on a CWAN (Carrier Wide Area Network) agreement with Telus for access to its transport infrastructure and network systems.HGCN policies and pricing were developed to establish a transparent “level playing field” that will encourage local service providers to access and leverage the community-owned network infrastructure.Rates for local access services and bandwidth are designed to be equal to or less than the rates for comparable Carrier Internet services offered by Telus in accordance with the BC Provincial Uniform Pricing established under the BC Connecting Communities Agreement (CCA), while offering increased capacity and other unique benefits for Haida Gwaii end-users and ISP business partners. GwaiiTel plans to operate the HGCN on a cost recovery and not for profit basis.  Surplus funds accumulated from operation will be reinvested in maintenance and upgrades for service expansion.