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By: Vancouver Island Imaging  09-12-2011
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Services | Vancouver Island Imaging

Digital Imaging World

The future!
In the “About Us” page, you get a general sense as why Vancouver Island Imaging came about. Lets go a bit further here!

At the start of the digital revolution, it was often heard “Digital does not compare to the old film standards” That was 20 years ago! Today, the same cannot be said! Digital photography and video has surpassed that of film in quality, cost and ease of use. No longer do we have to buy film, load it into the camera, snap our photo’s and then send it off to the lab for processing. (hoping we got our exposures right) The digital camera offers us a simple process with immediate feed back. Even with this new technology, it is still up to the person behind the camera to make the right adjustments before pressing the shutter button. Although the media may have changed, the principle concept remains the same…. A camera tells the truth much like a four year old child! You may not like what you see (hear) because they capture (repeat) everything exactly as seen or heard! Most people do not think of available light when taking a picture, but that is what the camera is all about. Most usually depend on the camera to make the appropriate exposure adjustments for photography. The problem is — The camera only sees light either direct, or reflected, making an educated decision by averaging to a middle gray. Composition and subject matter are up to the photographer, so with a solid understanding in the art of photography, we can control every aspect of the shot, including backgrounds, depth of field, exposures, white balance, etc. The camera only controls the light! But then again… without light there is no photograph…right!

Vancouver Island Imaging can help save your image(s) or video(s) using our industry leading processes. We can remove objects from backgrounds that detract from the image. We can even remove, or add people to portraits if one so wishes… you may be surprised as to how many of those we do! From the simplest of enhancements like removing facial imperfections to entire body makeovers can be achieved. Artistically applied painting can render your special image into and outstanding work of art. Restore images into original condition or better. Transfer your VHS or other video collections into the digital age. We also offer photography services that cover fun events like themed parties to sporting or corporate venues. Incorporating our green screen studio into your event will maximize the fun factor by offering specialty images to your guests with themed backgrounds of your choosing.

Keywords: Camera, Digital Imaging, Green Screen, Photography