Vitality Clinic Services are offered in Powell River by qualified natural health practitioners

By: Vitality Natural Wellness Clinic  09-12-2011
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Vitality Natural Wellness Clinic offers a wide variety of services by a team of qualified natural health practitioners.

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Acupressure, Jin Shin Do:

Allergy Testing: 

This blood test measures immediate and delayed response to allergens.  It can evaluate foods as well as environmental allergens.  A food elimination program can be used to determine “food sensitivies.”

Angel Therapy:

ARC Bodywork


The following practitioners offer Therapeutic Counseling:Tricia Hansen

First Line Therapy is a therapeutic lifestyle program which gives you the tools to make choices everyday that prevent disease and promote wellness. It is based on extensive research indicating that lifestyle changes are the most effective in treating various chronic diseases. It addresses health concerns including cardiovascular disease, asthma, obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, high cholesterol, high or low blood sugar; gastrointestinal, hormonal, mood, mental and musculoskeletal issues. It is a broad-based approach tailored to each individual’s unique health status.  Learn More at

Herbal Medicine, Western

Hormone Testing:

These are salivary hormone tests that evaluate levels of progesterone, estrogen, DHEA, testosterone and cortisol etc.. Saliva measures the unbound form of the hormone circulating in the body which is more accurate than the bound form found in the serum.


Keywords: disease, natural health, Natural Health Practitioners, wellness clinic

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