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By: Vcit  09-12-2011

Simply Safety! is a safety and training application that centralizes and simplifies mandatory record keeping and reporting. It minimizes the need for manual filing and eliminates spreadsheets, binders of policies and procedures, and other paper documents. Manage all of your corporate safety and training data in one ‘all-in-one’ software program, Simply Safety!

KnowledgeWare Simply Safety!

We leverage our AppBlast technology to provide KnowledgeWare customer’s with an alternative to the headaches of deploying and maintaining an in-house installation of Simply Safety! Instead, you simply visit a web portal, login, and run Simply Safety! from any computer – no installations, nothing to maintain!

The hosted version of Simply Safety! includes the following services:

  • All required server hardware and software, both up-front and in the long term
  • Proactive management of your SimplySafety installation in the VCIT data center
  • Daily backups, monthly off-site replication of SimplySafety databases
  • Fast access from anywhere, using virtually any computer or handheld device!

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