The Shanti Uganda Society - General Donation

By: Shanti Uganda  09-12-2011

We imagine a world where birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS are supported, empowered and able to develop to their full potential. Your generous donations will allow us to continue working towards this vision. 

Your general donation will allow Shanti Uganda to make the best use of your funds by contributing to the project elements most in need. It will be re-invested into the community and work towards the empowerment of women and the greater community through our Birth House, our Teen Girls Empowerment Program, our Women's Income Generating Group and our Sustainable Community Garden. For examples of where your funds will be used, please see below. 

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The Shanti Uganda Society - Gifts of Action

Gift of Sustainable Communities Support organic farming initiatives, safe drinking water, solar power at the Shanti Uganda Birth House and improve the nutritional well-being of pregnant women and children with vegetables, herbs and fruit. Provide reusable menstrual pads for teen girls and support programs that provide counseling, yoga, group work, HIV/AIDS education and teach young women about menstruation.


The Shanti Uganda Society - Monthly Donation

At the Shanti Uganda Birth House & Clinic in the rural Luweero District of Uganda, our dedicated team of six trained Ugandan midwives are the key to improving birth outcomes and reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in Uganda, but we need your help. With a severe shortage of doctors across Africa and access to care very limited in rural areas, 1 in 22 women die during childbirth.