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By: Misci Group Marketing  09-12-2011
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Good planning, a clear direction, and the ability to prioritize the many projects and ideas are key to a successful business. Determining where your company is going over the next year or more, how you’re going to get there and if you have achieved your goals can be a challenging job. We help determine your priorities and build a strategic plan to ensure you accomplish your goals.

The cornerstone of every successful business is a good plan. A business plan addresses all aspects of your business both internally and externally. It defines your business concept, sales and marketing, operations and financials. It also provides a market and competitive analysis. A marketing plan is a subset of your business plan and details your products and services, pricing, marketing objectives, strategies, tactics, budgets and timelines. We work with you to build an integrated business and/or marketing plan that will help prioritize your projects and activities and ensure your business objectives are met on time and on budget.

All business decisions and plans need accurate, reliable information to support them. We use a variety of research methods to collect the information you need to make a sound business decision. Our research methods include direct customer feedback, focus groups, telephone, online and direct mail surveys, website questionnaires and polls, and competitor and market analysis. Your result is a detailed, written report with recommendations and supporting data.


Having a well recognized brand enables you to provide a consistent, memorable message to your clients. Branding is more than just a business name, logo and tagline. A brand is how your customer experiences you. It includes everything about who you are, from your customer service philosophy to your logo to the products and services you offer. We ensure every component of your brand is tied together, helping your clients identify with you more easily.

Effective company messages are consistent, simple and memorable. Repeat, repeat, repeat is the rule. Once your key messages and company positioning are defined they are used throughout all of your communications including presentations, sales pitches, website, brochures and advertisements. We work with you to define a clear brand promise, value proposition and elevator pitch that resonates with your customers and sets you apart from your competitors.

Just as your brand and company messaging helps clients identify with you, your product messaging describes what you sell and helps you position your products and services in the marketplace. We pull together all of your product information to create a consistent, simple and memorable message that enables customers to see the value in what you have to offer.


Your website can reach more people than any other form of sales or marketing and is the most effective way to communicate with your prospects, leads and customers. When building or redesigning your website, we start with a web discovery to assess your current website and website needs and define your requirements. We then pull together a seasoned team of designers, copywriters, developers and technical experts and project manage the entire process. You end with a professionally built website that delivers the latest technologies, positioning you as a leading edge company.

Everyone is on the web. It is fast, easy, instantaneous and can be accessed at any time, day or night. Internet marketing includes any form of online marketing, such as search engine advertising (MSN, Google, Yahoo), banner advertising, linking strategies (to and from other websites), social networking and blogging, only to name a few. The internet is important because it’s one of the most efficient ways to interact with users. It is more economical than print and is quickly and easily updated. We help determine the best ways to market over the internet based on your business and your target market, driving traffic to your website, office or telephone.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of search engine marketing that delivers natural search results based on the quality and relevance of your website content. We will optimize your website to ensure it is presented higher up in search results and includes relevant keywords that internet searchers are looking for.

We provide professional design, copyrighting, layout, production and printing services for all types of print collateral, such as brochures, presentation folders, data sheets, sales tools and annual reports.

Direct mail programs use the traditional mail system to deliver your message to prospects, leads and existing customers. Direct mail includes advertising circulars, catalogues, CD’s, pre-approved applications and other commercial merchandising materials delivered to both homes and businesses. We will source the best form of advertisement, design the marketing piece, source the mail list, write the copy and execute the mailing.

Advertising is a way of mass communicating with your target market. We research the best places to advertise, develop the ad, and place the insertion orders.

True business success stories add credibility. In today's competitive marketplace, the customer success story can be the difference between a prospect and a customer. We help you build a case study around your key customer successes, highlighting the benefits of doing business with you, which you can share with others.

Sales tools are any supporting materials that help your sales force sell your product or service. We define and deliver the tools necessary to assist sales, such as, messaging, brochures, product descriptions, media kits, customer success stories, testimonials, quotes and competitive comparisons.

Interactive media refers to media that allows the viewer to participate. We design and develop web forms, polls, online surveys, photo galleries, presentations, videos and flash.


Our services help you:

  • Create awareness of your business and the products and services you offer;
  • Build customer loyalty by talking to your existing customer base to ensure they see the value you provide and stay with you;
  • Generate leads and drive sales through innovative marketing initiatives;
  • Increase revenue by putting your plan together and executing it.

Throughout any program we deliver, we set goals at the beginning of your project and together determine how we will measure against those goals.

Keywords: Advertising, Marketing