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By: Integrated Property Maintenance  09-12-2011

Janitorial Overview

From a 75,000 square feet fifteen storey office tower in downtown Vancouver to a mixed use office and industrial property in Burnaby -- and everything in between -- we have the experience, expertise and staff to provide you with quality and consistent janitorial cleaning services, year after year.

Quality and consistent janitorial services are by far the most important property maintenance service that directly impacts and reflects the overall general cleanliness and maintenance of your property.

The decision to hire a janitorial cleaning service either for the first time or because you are not happy with your current service provider is not something most people relish. We have laid out a simple 3-step process to assist you in your decision making process.

Our hope is to quickly get you in a position where you can make an informed and confident business decision.

Step 1. The Tour
We come out to your office and view the areas of your office that require cleaning. This can take as little as a few minutes. Here we will ask a few questions to learn of your specific requirements or ask you about some of the problems, shortcomings and annoyances you are experiencing with your current janitorial cleaning program.

Step 2. The Proposal
After learning of your requirements we put together a janitorial cleaning program tailored to your specific needs that will provide solutions to your current janitorial cleaning problems. The proposal contains straightforward information which will allow you to fully understand what we intend to do, how we intend to do it and how we arrive at the quoted price. Our hope is that you will be as well informed on the janitorial cleaning program as we are. While we prefer to deliver the proposal in person, we are happy to deliver it via email or fax.

Step 3. The Decision
Buying janitorial services is not the same as buying copy paper. No two janitorial service companies or the services they provide are the same. Integrated Property Maintenance Limited has the knowledge and experience to provide you with quality janitorial services coupled with the communication and professionalism that the current marketplace demands. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We urge our prospective clients to review and call our references. Should you decide to hire us, you will be in excellent company. We are extremely proud to be working for some of the finest businesses in the city.

Be it a commercial, industrial or strata property we pride ourselves in our reputation and ability to deliver quality and consistent janitorial cleaning services, year after year.

Janitorial Service Specifications

Perform janitorial services in all manner of office spaces;

  • Entrance and reception areas
  • Elevators
  • Private offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Showrooms
  • Washrooms
  • Coffee stations and lunchrooms
  • Empty and removal of waste and recycling
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Dust and wipe office furniture and horizontal surfaces
  • Complete washroom cleaning
  • Complete coffee station and lunchroom cleaning

Floor Care

Nothing says a building is clean like shiny, well-maintained floors. When customers, tenants and employees walk into a building one of the first things they notice are the floors. What are your floors saying?

We offer expert floor care for every kind of hard floor surface. We can bring your floors back to life and allow you to tell your customers, tenants and employees that they are valued and appreciated.

As part of a comprehensive integrated property maintenance program, a proactive, scheduled floor care program is essential to ensure your floors are always looking their best and that they last for many years to come.

Our floor care programs consist of the following procedures.

  • Regular Maintenance

    Regular and thorough dust mopping and wet mopping is the most economical yet most important procedure in maintaining a clean floor surface. Depending on the traffic levels, number of layers of wax on the floor and budget, floors can also be buffed to maintain a bright, scuff free shine.

  • Interim Maintenance

    When floors begin to look tired and show wear, they should be machine scrubbed to remove the soil embedded top layers of wax and recoated with additional wax. This procedure will ensure a clean floor with a premium quality shine as well as a sufficient number of protective layers of wax.

  • Restorative Maintenance

    When interim maintenance no longer provides the desired results and the floors begin to look cloudy, or foot traffic has worn off all protective layers of wax, floors need to be stripped of all layers of old wax embedded with soil. New layers of fresh wax must be applied to fully restore a premium quality shine.

Carpet Cleaning

Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning is essential for both the cleanliness and appearance of the carpets as well as ensuring that they last for their intended lifespan. Our carpet-cleaning technicians can clean virtually any carpeted surface of any size.

High rise commercial office or strata/condo buildings are cleaned using portable systems. Low rise commercial, industrial, or strata/condo buildings can be cleaned with truck mount systems where access permits.

Window Cleaning

Similar to clean and shiny floors, clean windows are a “clear” indication of a clean and well-maintained property. Windows are usually, and unfortunately, only noticed when they need cleaning, so a proactive, scheduled window cleaning program is a vital part of a comprehensive integrated property maintenance program.

From high rise commercial office or strata/condo buildings to low-rise commercial, industrial, or strata/condo buildings we can complete your entire exterior window cleaning requirements. We can also clean the interior windows and often overlooked partition glass.

Washroom Supplies

We offer a full complement of washroom supplies for the washrooms, lunchrooms and coffee stations of our janitorial service clients. We carry a wide variety of hand towels, bath tissue, kitchen towels, garbage bags and hand soaps.

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