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By: Vendtek Systems  09-12-2011
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  Services such as prepaid cellular, ring tones, games, utilities, and other prepaid long distance products make up one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries. Combined with other electronic products and services the electronic distribution of prepaid and payment services is a fast growing market that offers enormous business opportunities. VendTek's eFresh technology captures those business opportunities by creating an electronic distribution network which generates recurring monthly revenues. An eFresh distribution network can be created by placing software in point of sale (POS) terminals in retail locations. For the retailer, additional revenues can be generated while at the same time driving new customers into the retail locations. eFresh has the ability to allow the retailers to provide greater value added services to their clients without incurring additional inventory costs. A wide range of prepaid products and services can be sold through the eFresh system by printing the vouchers in real-time on POS terminals or other similar devices. The eFresh distribution system can deliver any electronic product and can deliver new products as they become available. In addition to the commonly known prepaid products, products such as prepaid insurance, utilities, money transfer and bill payment can all be transacted through the network. eFresh allows the indefinite expansion of products and services sold, increasing opportunities, ensuring ongoing competitiveness, and a sustainable business. eFresh also supports card based products such as Gift Cards, Prepaid Credit Cards, and Point of Sale Activation (POSA).
eFresh is a method to distribute products and services more efficiently creating a business opportunity for its operator.

eFresh is software which allows products and services to be distributed and sold electronically. It also allows physical card products such as prepaid credit cards and gift cards to be activated and reloaded. The eFresh software resides on a central server which you operate and on electronic (POS) terminals in retail locations. The combination of the central eFresh server and POS terminals with eFresh software creates a secure electronic distribution network.eFresh creates a very efficient and convenient system for distribution, handling and inventory management which can create substantial savings as well as a new business opportunity to generate sustainable recurring revenues. Using eFresh, the PIN or voucher number for a prepaid service is distributed from a central computer through telephone lines or other communications and printed on a receipt at the point of sale. POS terminals (typically used for credit and debit card processing), personal computers, cash registers, automated teller machines, and kiosks are ideal distribution terminals. Once the consumer purchases a prepaid product a receipt is printed in real time which includes the same PIN or voucher number previously printed on the pre-printed physical card.With eFresh, there is no physical product therefore none of the costs associated with the physical cards including storage, transportation, and theft. Compared to the traditional method of delivering prepaid services using paper or plastic vouchers, distributing services electronically allows substantial savings through reduced physical distribution costs, theft, printing and packaging costs and the elimination of inventory at the retail level.In addition to the electronic delivery of prepaid services via a voucher number, the eFresh system can also be used for bill payments, account loading, money transfer, and real-time cellular account loading.The eFresh system creates a business opportunity through the costs savings and efficiencies of the system.
eFresh eliminates the traditional voucher production, packaging and physical distribution costs.
eFresh creates increased capacity for product distribution and growth.
eFresh improves the management of prepaid services and inventories Service providers, retailer and consumers all benefit from this new paradigm for product delivery.
VendTek offers eFresh as a turnkey solution to businesses with the capability to capitalize and operate the network, secure retailing locations and provide the necessary support and marketing to grow the business.

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Keywords: Card Products

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Account can be identified by magnetic stripe card or numeric entry at the terminalFixed or variable amounts can be usede-Fresh server integrates with bill provider's interfaceMultiple bill payment interfaces can be supported simultaneouslyNew interfaces added with server modules and terminal product files are updated remotely.