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By: Taylor Imagineering  09-12-2011

The ultimate long-range electronic mindreading device just went Platinum!
6th Scent is a set of 6 Tilt-Activated transmitters concealed in a set of Lip-Balm tubes, each with a different scent.  The transmitters are removable to place in other objects such as a lighter, pack of gum, key fob, deck of cards, etc.  Think of the possibilities!

Pre-Sale offer of $350.00. Shipping extra.
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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6th Scent

Instead of three movement-activated transmitters, 6th Scent offers six sure-fire tilt-activated transmitters and the smallest receiver in the field. Provided with the 6th Scent kit is a set of six ordinary looking lip-balm tubes, each containing a transmitter and with a different scent. Comprehensive DVD with routines by many well-known performers, including 6th Scent by Matthew Johnson and Christopher Taylor.


Alone 4d

Now Christopher Taylor and Craig Filicetti of ProMystic have combined their remarkable talents to create a highly evolved version of Matthew?s original idea. That, combined with its 4 channel transmitter, makes ALONE 4D not only more powerful than ALONE but it is virtually the equal of a Solstice Wallet. 4D uses the tiny ProMystic receiver that provides a greater reception range and is compatible with all ProMystic products.


The Moment

Borrow a cell phone anywhere in the world and set the timer/alarm to any random time, 20 seconds, 38 seconds, 1 minute and 20 seconds, it does not matter. The participant holding the ball at that moment opens it to find it says, "The moment will be when, is holding this piece of paper". A spectator or someone chosen at random in a crowd of people. The Moment by Matthew Johnson and Christopher Taylor.