A Compilation of Ligno-Cellulosee Feedstock and Related Research for Feed, Food and Energy

By: Skye Blue Publications   20-12-2011
Keywords: Publications, Livestock, Biotechnology

In press. 2013. Xlibris. A compilation of research on lignocellulose related to feed, food and energy. A monograph collection on various topics with implications on new or possible advances with ligno-cellulose research in regards to animal feeding and also lending itself to bioenergy feedstock. It is an informative discussion for the research scientist, and in particular, the specialist in ruminant nutrition covering such topics as follows. Enzyme technology, applied to crop post-harvest technology, with novel microbial anaerobic lignases, aerobic lignases and other extracellular fibrolytic enzymes (EFEs), boosting water-soluble carbohydrate (WSC) content in new tropical forage-type feeds, action of proteases in plant feed material and digestion, lowering lignin content and use of lacasse for bio-bleaching lignocellulose, as examples. Feed resources are discussed, in particular in Asia, including sugarcane and use of bagasse and tops, grasses and legumes, with resources for food and feed farming systems and legume browse tree and shrubs for feed. The issues of various pre-treatments and crop improvements with biotechnology and digestion are discussed.

Keywords: animal nutrition, Biotechnology, crops, genetic engineering, Information Services, Livestock, Livestock Production, Publications, Technical Consulting