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Power Washing

The constant exposure to the weather elements can over time cause damage to your residential home and commercial business.  Power Washing can restore that "new look" and is an effective and safe method of removing grime, dirt, grease, debris, fungus, and moss.   A moss and fungus covered roof will grow under the tile laps and cause passageway of rain water.  Furthermore, when the mosses become large they are dislodged by heavy downpours of rain, resulting in the additional maintenance problem of blocked gutters.  Power washing your roof is recommended to properly clean the surface of your roof and will extend its life.  Here are just a few exterior surfaces we can clean.   

  • roofs:  tile, slate
  • Pavement: concrete, sidewalks, walkways. driveways
  • decks:  wood, vinyl, concrete
  • retaining walls
  • fences
  • pools
  • stucco
  • fascia boards
  • paint preparation
  • concrete
  • graffiti removal
  • underground parking lots

Brush Washing

Brush Washing is safe and effective way to clean less resilient surfaces in your residential and business exterior such as:

  • vinyl siding    
  • windows and frames
  • skylights
  • exterior gutters
  • metal fascia
  • awning


Power washing is not recommended on vinyl siding, since the water will enter through the weeping wholes, causing mould and fungus to grow on the wood and insulation located behind the vinyl.  Power washing can also damage the windows seals.    The siding is designed with weep holes that will let small amounts of moisture escape. Additionally, any moisture that can work its way into the framework of the house can cause water damage to the home's interior (drywall, electrical shorts, and circuit failures).  Also, pressure washing will warp the vinyl siding.  

Interior Gutter Cleaning

We remove the major debris portion of all kinds (leaves, branches, etc.) from the interior gutter by hand. This will ensure good drainage and will allow water to flow freely into the down pipes and exit through your weeping tile system, which helps to prevent water damage.  We also can repair leaky gutters and downspouts. 

Exterior Paint Preparation and Painting

Power washing to prepare your exterior surfaces for paint is the most effective paint removal method.  The high pressure washer does this by removing the residue from old oil or latex paint and ensures good adhesion.   Paint won't stick to dirt, grease, grime or dust.  We can prepare the following residential and business surfaces for paint:

  • walls
  • fences
  • lattice
  • window frames
  • fascia


Graffiti Removal

Graffiti found on locals businesses, schools, residential, or public property can quickly transform a neighbourhood by giving a sense that there is no control in the area.  Graffiti vandals are often associated with other crimes, do not give them the exposure they are seeking remove graffiti quickly.  By doing so you will sending out a message that graffiti is not tolerated on your property and in your neighbourhood.  We use a biodegradable graffiti remover that works great to remove multi-layered graffiti and painted over graffiti.  The graffiti remover works on the following surfaces:  trash bins, street signs, painted wood and masonry, garage doors, and more.   

Tile Roof  

Tile Roof Repair

In order to minimise any further water damage, we can do minor tile repairs and replace broken tiles. 


By not maintaining your roof, it could cost you the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs and water damage to the interior of your home.  Water should be diverted away from your home structure.  If valleys are full of debris, water is obstructed and cannot run off the roof into the gutter system.   Our climate in British Columbia demands that you maintain the roof and gutter system to avoid costly repairs.  


Asphalt and Cedar Shingle Roofs

Asphalt and cedar shingle roofs should never be power wash as it will cause significant roof damage and is therefore not recommended.  We can control build up of moss by spraying on a moss removal product or installing zinc strips.    


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