By: Imagenex  09-12-2011

  Following up from the successful Imagenex Model 881 line of products, we came out with a new line in 2000:  the Imagenex Model 881A family.  By utilizing a fully fluid compensated transducer and motor housing, we were able to reduce the size of the units by almost half and reduce the power requirements by a factor of four.  These  improvements in size and power were made while retaining or even improving on the range and resolution performance of the Model 881 sonar family.  One of the most innovative features of the Model 881A sonar family  is the software programmable acoustic frequency range of 280 kHz to 1.1 MHz!  This industry first is made possible by the combination of ingenious transducer design, advances in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, and digitally controlled supporting electronics.

  The Model 881A line of products is expanding rapidly.  It currently includes an imaging sonar head, a profiling sonar head, and an echo sounder  that can also be used as an altimeter.  For full three dimensional mapping there is an Azimuth Drive version of the Model 881A.

  Applications for the Model 881A sonar heads include almost all the uses found for the Model 881, and because of the improved power and size features, and the multi-frequency feature these  units are found on many small inspection and exploration Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

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Applications for the Imagenex Model 862, 863, and 864 include distance to bottom monitoring of ROV's and AUV's, scour monitors for engineering applications and coastal geology, and range sensors for automated underwater equipment such as vibra-core, dredging and log salvage.


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Combining an innovative fluid filled transducer housing with miniaturization of a standard sonar design using advanced surface mount electronics, the unit has been reduced to a small rotary transducer unit coupled by a fluid filled compensation hose to a 1" diameter by 9" long pressure housing.



Each system in this growing product line integrates the latest in sub-miniature electronics into industry proven, robust underwater housings for a total package that is small, rugged, and will provide years of maintenance-free use. The custom software available to operate most Imagenex sonar systems has been refined into a package that is user friendly, yet complete with various options for sonar control, data display and recording.



The towfish operates from a standard 12 Volt DC power supply or boat's battery, and the RS-232 connector plugs directly from the Kevlar™ towfish cable into the back of a PC computer or laptop. The reason that SportScan sidescan sonars are smaller, lighter, and less expensive than others is the miniaturized electronics and molded polyurethane nose and tailfin housing.