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By: Disability Institute  09-12-2011
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DMI provides a variety of specialized disability management services which are available both as a supplement to DMI's occupational and non-occupational services, and as stand-alone services if your organization isn't already involved with DMI.

Ergonomic Intervention and Consultation Services

DMI offers workstation, workplace, and work-practice ergonomic assessments. Conducted by certified Kinesiologists, assessments focus on injury prevention.

DMI will prepare a written report after the assessment which details findings and outlines realistic recommendations for corrective action.

Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI) Prevention

DMI provides services aimed at identifying workplace practices that expose employees to the risk of musculoskeletal injuries (MSI). MSI injuries commonly include strains, sprains, and gradual onset injuries (like tendonitis). Once risk factors are identified, DMI teaches workers techniques to help prevent MSI injuries before they occur.

Injury and Illness Prevention Workshops

DMI offers a variety of educational workshops aimed at reducing injury and illness; workshops focus on ergonomics, biomechanics, and wellness. Presentations are tailored towards specific organizations, in an effort to present relevant information to employees.

Expedited Diagnostic and Medical Treatment Services

DMI can arrange for expedited diagnostic and medical treatment services by utilizing a broad network of preferred providers. Services such as: functional capacity evaluations (FCE's), independent medical assessments (IME's), MRI's, CT scans, medical treatment, and surgical intervention can be arranged through DMI.

Preparation of Compensation Board Appeals

DMI can represent your organization in compensation board appeals. With excellent working knowledge of Canadian Worker's Compensation Acts, regulations, policies and practice directives, DMI can recognize errors in rulings which impact clients' claims. Understanding the significance of clinical, medical, and psychosocial issues, DMI has the experience to effectively appeal prior rulings.

Workplace Accommodation Service and Support

DMI's workplace accommodation services are aimed at effectively facilitating win-win solutions for employers and employees. With experience assisting with medical accommodations in unionized or non-unionized settings, DMI's workplace accommodation services can:

  • Meet legal requirements of 'Duty to Accommodate' legislation
  • Help fully utilize the experience and knowledge of the worker seeking accommodation
  • Positively impact worker moral by recognizing the value of employees
  • Mitigate costly disability claims
Certificate of Recognition (COR) Injury Management/Return to Work (RTW) Program Compliance (BC)

DMI has developed a program designed specifically to meet WorkSafeBC's criteria for effective injury management and return to work programs. WorkSafeBC provides financial incentives to employers who have such programs in place; DMI's program not only meets, but exceeds WorkSafeBC's regulatory compliance for these programs.

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