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By: Advent Instruments  09-12-2011


  • Monitor & analyze telephony signals
  • Decode ETSI, TIA, NTT Caller ID and SMS
  • Capture and view waveforms

  • Test CO line card, FXS port, SLIC
  • Analyze ringing, CAS/DTAS, metering pulses
  • Generate DTMF, V.23 Bell 202 FSK, arbitrary tones, waveforms

  • Programmable line voltage, current, ringing
  • Generate ETSI, TIA, NTT Caller ID
  • Detect & measure DTMF and pulse dialing

  • Programmable for stand alone operation
  • Customizable Caller ID signal generation
  • Generate network tones

  • Product information
  • Download software & documentation

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Advent Instruments - Caller ID and Telephony Equipment - AI

This option increases the parts and labor warranty period for another year to a total of two years from date of purchase on the instrument. It is designed to measure and analyze signals generated by a CO line card, VoIP terminal adapter FXS port, or any device utilizing a SLIC. Additional Line Impedance: AI-E701 Adds a third complex impedance to the two built in complex impedances of TBR-21 and German ZR.