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By: Maxcraft  09-12-2011

Becker Avionics is pleased to announce that Maxcraft Avionics Ltd near Vancouver BC, Canada, has been granted Transport Canada STC # SH09-57 for installation of the Becker Avionics AR3202 and AR3209 VHF COM Transceivers into the following helicopter models: Bell 204B, 205A, 205A-1, 205B, 212, 214B, 214ST, 412, 412CF, 412EP, and Sikorsky S-61L/N, S-76A/C.

The AR3202 and AR3209 transceivers are an ideal solution for aviation professionals, who need the ultimate in performance and reliability. Because of their efficient design and rugged construction, the AR3202 and 3209 VHF/AM transceivers are particularly well suited to the demanding and harsh environments that helicopter typically operate in.

These transceivers have 760 channels that may be tuned in the frequency range of 118.0 to 136.975 MHz, with 76 channels with 25kHz channel spacing and 20 preset channels which can be stored for immediate recall. The AR3202 has a power output of 20W for extended range communications, and the AR3209 has 10W, with a power supply of 28 VDC. The complete system is housed in a single compact unit, which mounts in a standard 5 3/4 '' DZUS rails. There are no more interconnecting wires between control heads and remote transceivers which are typically associated with legacy radio systems. Additionally, the AR3202 and AR3209 do not require remote boxes, interconnecting cables, or forced air cooling like older generation products.

The radios are DZUS mounted in the center pedestal in the same location as original VHF/AM control heads, or they can be installed as a supplementary radio. The AR3202 and AR3209 are ideally suited to replacing older radios in aging aircraft to reduce maintenance costs. The installation time is estimated at 6 to 8 hours.

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