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By: Ftc International  09-12-2011

FTC's Professional Food Consultants offer:

& Process Development

Start-up manufacturers and established firms alike recognize the challenges of bringing new products to market. You have a new product formulation, How do you produce it on larger scales?  Put our food consulting services to work for you.

Inexpensive computer based analysis of all your product formulations, at a fraction of the cost of laboratory analysis. Our experienced food consultants will assist you in putting together the right Nutrition Facts Panel for the right market

Thinking of organic certification? Let our experts assist you with the various regulations and requirements for Canada Organic,  USDA NOP, CCOF

A critical aspect of operations for any firm handling food products, food safety is a task for vigilant professionals. We would be pleased to help.

Design and documentation services of Quality Assurance and Quality control programs, QA / QC implementation & training

Assistance with Canadian regulations from the Natural Health Products Directorate; consulting on FDA Dietary Supplements

Food consulting services for the preparation of Food Labels, ingredient declarations, bilingual labeling requirements, nutrition facts labels. Our regulatory and compliance experts are here to help.

Want to improve your product's shelf life? Our food consultants offer innovative ways to make your product last longer safely.

food consulting services from FTC. professionals at your service.