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By: Anbrook  09-12-2011
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The warranty may be transferred by the original owner to any other person or entity (the "transferee") a total of one (1) time, provided that the transfer is made within seven (7) years after the original installation date of the warranted products. In the event of such a warranty transfer, any provision or requirement of this warranty that applies or refers to the original owner shall become applicable to the transferee. Written notice and payment of a transfer fee of $25 (U.S.) to Anbrook Industries Ltd. will be required before any warranty transfer shall become effective. Anbrook Industries Ltd. reserves the right to modify and/or rescind this warranty transferability provision (including the amount of the warranty transfer fee) at any time.

This limited warranty (the "warranty") covers number one grade Certi-Split shakes manufactured by Anbrook Industries Ltd., number one grade Certigrade shingles manufactured by Anbrook Industries Ltd., and number one grade Certi-Sawn shakes manufactured by Anbrook Industries Ltd. This warranty is extended to the original homeowner upon proof of purchase and installation.TERMS OF WARRANTY
Subject to the limitations and exclusions set forth here, Anbrook Industries Ltd. warrants to the original owner that (1) the warranted products have been inspected, graded and labeled under the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau's ("CSSB") inspection and certification standards, as set forth by the CSSB, and (2) for the period specified below, which is measured from the date of installation, the warranted products will remain free from leaks caused by original product manufacture deemed defective as proscribed under the official grading standards used in the CSSB inspection and certification program.PRODUCT TYPE WARRANTY PERIOD
#1 24" x 3/4" Certi-split Heavy Resawn Shake 40 years
#1 24" x 1/2" Certi-split Medium Resawn Shake 40 years
#1 24" x 5/8" Certisawn Tapersawn Shake 40 years
#1 18" x 5/8" Certi-sawn Tapersawn Shake 40 years
#1 24" x 1/2" Certigrade Royal Shingle 40 years
#1 16" Certigrade Fivex Shingle 40 years
#1 18" Certigrade Perfection Shingle 40 yearsREMEDIES
If a warranted product leaks within the applicable warranty period due to an original product defect as described under the official grading standards used in the CSSB inspection and certification program, upon receiving a legitimate warranty claim, Anbrook Industries Ltd. will, at its sole election and subject to the limitations and exclusions set forth below, either (1) provide and install replacement shakes or shingles or (2) refund the portion of the original paid price on the portion of the product deemed defective, as well as the original cost of installation for portion of defective product. These remedies are the exclusive remedies available under this warranty. In the case of replacement, Anbrook Industries Ltd. shall be responsible only for the cost of replacing and installing replacement shakes/shingles. The original owner shall be responsible for all additional costs, including, but not limited to, additional expenditures for labor and materials, such as product removal costs, cost of installation, repair or replacement of venting, metal work, flashings, underlayments, fasteners, or other materials/tasks related to replacement of defective product.LIMITATIONS & EXCLUSIONS
This warranty shall not be effective unless each and every bundle of shakes or shingles applied to the roof or sidewall carries a number one grade Certi-Split, Certigrade or Certi-Sawn CSSB label imprinted with Anbrook Industries Ltd. as the manufacturer.
This warranty shall not apply to product installed in the following states / counties unless they are Certi-Last preservative treated Anbrook Industries Ltd. cedar shakes and shingles warranted under the Certi-Last 30-year warranty program (which is separate from this warranty) or Certi-Guard pressure impregnated fire retardant treated cedar shakes and shingles warranted under the Certi-Guard warranty program provided by the treatment applicator: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas (in the Counties of Angelina, Austin, Brazos, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Grimes, Hardin, Harris, Jasper, Jefferson, Orange, Liberty, Montgomery, Newton, Polk, Sabaine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Trinity, Tyler, Walker, Waller and Washington), Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

This warranty does not cover:
1. Improper Installation: Product failure due to improper installation, or application not in accordance with the specifications of the CSSB New Roof Construction Manual or Exterior & Interior Wall Manual (edition in print at time of installation).
2. Product Removal Costs and Other Related Costs: The costs of old product removal, cost of installing, repairing or replacing of venting, metalwork, flashings, underlayments, fasteners or other related materials.
3. Unapproved Use: Cedar shakes and/or shingles that are used for any purpose other than roofing or exterior wall siding.
4. Extended Risks: Product failure due to hurricane, tornado, hail, lightning, flood, fire, explosion, mud slide, earthquake, volcanic eruption, falling objects, aircraft, vehicles, accidents, riot, civil commotion, war or act of God.
5. Failure caused by surrounding structure: Product failure caused by settling of the foundation, warping, distortion, failure of the roof deck or walls, damage caused by venting, metalwork, flashings, underlayments, fasteners or other materials involved in the construction of the building.
6. Neglect: Failure of product due to improper handling, use, shipment, storage, maintenance (maintenance includes removal of debris, natural or otherwise, as well as prevention of animal, insect or human caused damage.)
7. Improper Ventilation or Drainage: Product failure caused by improper ventilation of roof and gutter drainage that is not in accordance with HA or CSSB standards.
8. Repairs and/or Modifications: Product failure due to repairs, incorrect cleaning or alterations made to the roof or walls after their original installation.
9. Paints or Coatings: Product failure due to paints, coatings or other topical or impregnated treatments or solutions.
10. Factors Beyond the Manufacturer's Control: Product failure caused by factors that are beyond the manufacturer's control such as climate index, quality of installation, maintenance, normal wear and tear, ventilation and the type, quality and manufacturer of underlayments. Anbrook Industries Ltd. assumes no responsibility for product failure and/or damage caused by these factors.DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY
This warranty is the only warranty offered by Anbrook Industries Ltd., and shall prevail over any other warranty whether oral or written, expressed or implied, by the company. Anbrook Industries Ltd. shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, personal or property damages resulting from products covered by this warranty or their installations.WARRANTY REGISTRATION
This warranty is effective upon proper registration with Anbrook Industries Ltd. and the issuance of a Warranty Activation notice by Anbrook Industries Ltd. to the original owner. To register a warranty, the original owner must submit a completed Warranty Registration Form to Anbrook Industries Ltd. within thirty (30) days after installation of the warranted product. Upon receipt of the completed Warranty Registration Form together with all materials required from the installer, Anbrook Industries Ltd. will issue a Warranty Activation card to the original owner.CLAIM PROCEDURE
To make a claim under this warranty, the original owner must, within thirty (30) days after discovery of alleged defect, to which the claim relates, send a written description of the claim, along with copies of the Warranty Registration Form and the Warranty Activation card to:
Anbrook Industries Ltd.
P.O. Box 3044, Sumas, WA

Anbrook Industries Ltd. reserves the right to have a representative inspect all warranted products that are claimed to be defective under the terms of this warranty.
Any alteration, removal, repair or tampering with the product from its original state at time of discovery of alleged defect prior to settlement of claim shall bar any right to seek relief under this warranty. INCLUSIVE WARRANTY
This document contains the entire warranty as issued by Anbrook Industries Ltd. and may not be altered by any individual or entity. Any attempts to modify the warranty in any way will nullify the warranty in its entirety.

The form below must be COMPLETELY filled out to be valid.
A minimum of 10 bundle tags bearing Anbrook Industries Ltd. must be
submitted with registration card. This registration must be submitted
and received within thirty (30) days of installation.

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Keywords: Shingles