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By: Everden Rust  09-12-2011
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Selecting an urn is very much like selecting a casket. It is a very personal decision.  

Urns may be made of just about any material you can think of like wood, metal, marble, cultured marble and bronze.  

There are also "green" urns designed for scattering the cremated remains on land or water.  The majority of our urns may be engraved or personalized in various ways.   At Everden Rust we have dozens of urns on display and hundreds more available by catalogue.

Everden Rust offers one of the widest selections of caskets available in the Okanagan Valley .  

They are manufactured from a variety of materials and many include   personalization options.  Wooden burial caskets may be made of Maple, Oak, Ash, Pine, Aspen , Pecan Poplar, Mahogany and even cloth covered particle board.  

Metal or protective burial caskets are available in several colors and may be constructed of steel, bronze and copper. Caskets that have been designed specifically for cremation, are available, and are commonly made of materials that break down during the cremation process. They are available in pine, wood veneer, particle board and even cardboard.  Rental caskets with removable cremation inserts are available for those families who wish to use a more formal casket for the funeral service.  Ask your funeral director about a selection that will meet your burial or cremation needs. 

Kelowna's Promontory Green Interment Garden opened in Memorial Park Cemetery, in the spring of 2002.

The two-tiered walled garden mausoleum and columbaria is located in the northwest corner of the cemetery grounds. The  Promontory Green  offers  60  crypts for full casket entombment and  900  niches for inurnment. Each niche accommodates two urns. Promontory Green also features a Scattering Garden for cremated remains and individual lots for in-ground urn burials.  A pathway links the lower wall and upper walls and meanders by  reflecting pools, water cascades and manicured gardens to the Promontory Dome - the facility's highest and most prominent feature. 

The City of Kelowna operates Promontory Green Interment Garden, located in the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery, 1991 Bernard Avenue east of Spall Road.

Penticton's  Lakeview Interment Garden opened in Lakeview Cemetary, in the spring of 2009.

The  Lakeview Interment Garden is a unique final resting place for the citizens of Penticton. The beautiful garden is designed to provide visitors with a peaceful, serene place to reflect and remember loved ones. The Lakeview Interment Garden offers 45  Mausoleum crypts and 1435 columbarium niches, as well as, an in ground ossuary for ash interments.

Lakeview Interment Garden is operated by the City of Penticton, located in the south west corner of Lakeview Cemetary, 715 Lower Bench Road below the "Penticton" sign on Munson Mountain.

The "stele", as commonly referred to by archaeologists, is one of the most ancient types of memorial art surrounding a funeral. The origin of "tombstone" comes from the stone lid of a coffin, or the coffin itself. A "gravestone" was the stone slab that was laid over a grave.  Tombstone,  Gravestone, Grave Marker or Cemetery Monument are all terms still used today to describe the item that marks the grave where human remains are interred.  

Grave Markers are made from Bronze or Granite.  They may be upright or sloped and/or flat and flush with the ground. Granite and bronze monuments come in several colors, sizes and designs. At Everden Rust Funeral Services we specialize in assisting families in the selection of a suitable monument to honor a loved one. We are well versed with the various cemetery specifications and requirements and can make installation arrangements with the cemetery on your behalf.

Arranging a funeral isn't something most people do every day. At Everden Rust we give your family the greatest value possible, regardless of the type of cremation, memorial or funeral service you choose.

Pricing can vary greatly between funeral providers. Some funeral homes use package pricing.  Unfortunately,  this practice tends to group products and services together that you may not require or want. At  Everden Rust, we take pride in our "Individual Family Pricing Promise". We designed it to clearly itemize and price only those services that you desire. That's why we suggest you speak personally with one of our funeral directors. It will ensure that you are getting accurate pricing for only those services you choose. 

It can be a challenge to arrange a funeral at the last minute. So, we encourage you to speak with one of our funeral directors ahead of time to make plans that meet your needs and fit your budget.

For more information contact:

                    In Kelowna:      (250) 860-6440 or

                    In Penticton :    (250) 493-4112 or

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Today's traditional funeral service usually involves a viewing of the deceased by friends and family prior to the funeral, the funeral service, the interment of the body at a cemetery or the cremation and finally a reception or time of fellowship for the family and friends. A contemporary arrangement allows family and friends to pay their last respects in an environment without all of the formality of a traditional funeral.