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By: Apex Property Owners Association  09-12-2011

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Some information from your President to all APOA members:

If you haven’t been to the hill since the official season ended, you have not experienced the relentless snowfalls all of April and into May. Those that bootpack or hitch a ride on a machine up to the top have reported phenomenal conditions, especially in the trees with waist deep powder. Yesterday’s snowstorm put more fresh down but today’s sun may make quick work of it! The creeks are running but there is still one heck of a lot of snow to melt yet.

Your Board does not have any pressing business to take care of but we are in place as a working body should issues need addressing from a property owners standpoint. Following are issues we are monitoring:

The Riordan Mine appears to be on hold—no information has come back to us when we requested an update from Crystal Peaks Abrasives.

The RDOS is proposing full recycling on the hill and wants your input. Pick up a survey at their office at 101 Martin St. or fill it out on their website and let them know your thoughts. It has to be funded by property owners so your opinion is important to give them direction.

We now have 60 members-thanks to all of you as newbies and as returnees. Please talk to your hill neighbors upon start of the next ski season and encourage their membership too.

The Board will be meeting 4 times a year, our year being March to March. Next meeting is July 10th. You will receive an update on what we are up to after that.

Until then, enjoy the sun, surf and turf.

Julia Valenti

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