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By: Heartsong Studio  09-12-2011

Do you hear a whisper from within longing to express your deepest spirit ?

There are times when your heart’s wisdom seems beyond words. Even if you’ve tried to learn a method of image-making to imitate reality, it was a far cry from expressing your inner wisdom naturally with ease.

If you’d love to stop feeling inept, so the fear of not meeting expectations no longer blocks you, you need a new way of seeing.

Whether you sense you have an inborn potential for visual expression or not, you may feel as though your inner wild horse is too scared of losing its freedom.

What’s the secret to discovering, befriending, and developing your inborn potential ?

There’s really only one way – through your heart, with a willingness to be surprised. A journey to discover and develop your wild, creative potential is not about making art or how to be an artist.

By using heart-centred image making as a tool, you can learn a whole new way of seeing and being seen. Though the goal is not to produce art, the resulting works are often interesting, usually beautiful, and always full of unique meaning – in fact, your own real art.

You probably know that written advice doesn’t serve your individual situation very well. If that’s true, then you need a compassionate, loving teacher who is grounded in actual success and educated experience. Creative energy is powerfully enhanced in a small supportive group.

For guidance in uncovering your inborn creative potential, please consider these options:


How can you learn to make images by telephone ? Turns out there are big advantages over taking courses in person. For one thing, no one will be standing over you, watching and intimidating you . There are other advantages too, I was surprised to learn from the clients themselves.

If you’ve never been on a teleconference before, it’s easy, and the group energy is surprisingly effective. You just need a phone with a headset so you can work with free hands. The calls will be to a regular long-distance number in the US.

Take part in any of these courses from anywhere in the world, through telephone conferencing. Whether you are a total novice, dissatisfied with the same old method, or haven’t even begun, I assure you that you will find your very own skills of visual expression with an aliveness you never imagined possible.

Journey to Discover the Creator Within – Level 1

The first 6-week telecourse will help you discover and befriend your wild creative potential. Trying to make images with your mind alone is like trying to break a wild horse with threats. For your inborn potential to be found and trusted, you need to approach it gently with respect, by learning your own visual language. You need to be helped to find your own way, not taught “my” way.

Journey to Develop the Artist Within – Level II

You’ve experienced the freedom that came from discovering your creative potential in the Journey to Discover the Creator Within – Level 1. If you are eager to venture deeper, and intrigued to explore ways of uncovering and expressing your fluency and competency in visual expression, this 6-week course is for you.

The Remembrance.

The Remembrance is a practice we use in all my classes to help circumvent our everyday minds, and access the universal Essence through our hearts.

You don’t have to be specially gifted to plug into creative inspiration. There’s an infinite source of creative inspiration readily accessible. The doorway to the Essence, or Source is through your heart.

Why Remembrance ?

In every great spiritual tradition there is an emphasis on remembering, to re-member or re-collect ourselves, to stop all our striving outward, to pull ourselves together, to be connected inside – body, mind, and heart.

The Remembrance is a 5000 year-old heart-centred practice, that helps you access your deepest self, so you can leave the struggle and self-doubt behind, and begin making more authentic visual expression from your very core.

In my workbook “Reaching the Heart of Your Creative Potential”, there is a full section to let you take part so you can learn the Remembrance first hand. This is the free workbook that can be downloaded from my Home page.

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Drawing From Within is a home study program to introduce you to a new way of seeing, so you can discover for yourself that you can draw things with life like you never expected, uniquely from your heart. Once you have worked through the free Workbook “Reaching the Heart of Your Creative Potential”, you will be becoming a bit more familiar with accessing your heart.


Journey to Discover the Creator Within – Level I :: Heartsong Studio

Whether you are a newly emerging, a seasoned artist, or searching for the courage to start, you may feel as though your inner wild horse is too scared of losing its freedom. Once you convince yourself that you “just don’t have it”; that talented artists are “born with something special”, you bury your natural urges to unique expression.


Journey to Develop the Artist Within: Level II :: Heartsong Studio

How can you learn techniques that won’t burden or intimidate you ?Without falling off your wild horse, you can discover principles and techniques for yourself, and make uniquely meaningful images. What’s the next step in developing trust in your inner artist and riding your wild horse in freedom ?Trying to make images with your mind alone is like trying to break a wild horse with force.


Drawing From Within :: Heartsong Studio

Are you embarrassed by an inability to draw anything beyond stick figures ?If you have fallen into the myth that artistic talent is only for the gifted few, it’s easy to conclude that there’s no way to draw with any heart. The guidebook provides in print all the background information, instructions and guidance to gently accompany you on this first adventure.