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By: Heartsong Studio  09-12-2011
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“Drawing from Within”

Do you long to draw things with life inside ?

Are you embarrassed by an inability to draw anything beyond stick figures ?
If you have fallen into the myth that artistic talent is only for the gifted few, it’s easy to conclude that there’s no way to draw with any heart.

If you’re a teacher, consultant or coach, you might feel embarrassed using stick figures in presentations. You know that canned symbols don’t communicate the way that drawings with heart would.

Even if you’ve had formal lessons, drawing may still be awkward, or you might even try to avoid it.

Whether you’re a novice, experienced at replicating things, or anywhere in between, I want to assure you that you can draw with an aliveness like you’ve never imagined.

How can I be so sure you have the talent to draw ?

Have you ever watched a tight-rope walker, and imagined doing it ? You know if you look down, you’ll fall. The trick to walking a tight-rope successfully is letting your feet do what they know best, and letting your eyes lead the way.

It’s the same with drawing. If you look at your hand drawing, you won’t be seeing your subject. The trick is to see into your subject that you want to connect with, and let your hand do what it does best – follow your eyes.

One client said:

“I had no idea that something like this was inside me. This is such a simple, yet powerful way to express myself. Wow.”Karen DeBolt, MA, Hillboro, OR

Introducing the Program -
“Drawing from Within”

Your talent lies closer than you might think, and this program is hands-on easy to use.

Work along as you listen to the 78 minute MP3 recording of the class:“Drawing from Within”.

The Premium Bonuses include:

  • Detailed notes in the Guidebook “Drawing from Within” to back up your experience during in the class recording.

The Program: Drawing from Within will help you:

  • Draw things with life, feeling, and character in them, that reveal something of your uniqueness.
  • Make illustrations with heart, so your clients can learn better visually.
  • Take a peek inside at what talents you might uncover, recover, discover, and want to pursue for the sheer pleasure of it.
  • Drop all expectations of self-expression, and let the subject express itself through you.
  • Allow your eyes to take the lead, and your hand to merely follow, seeing into things from the inside.
  • Change from observer to participant, becoming a partner with all things.
  • Let go of detached objectivity, enabling you to connect with the Essence of all things.

There is an artist inside you waiting to awaken.
You may have been hesitating to try to learn to draw, wondering if you have what it takes. Why wait any longer ? You can take this first small step and see for yourself the talent waiting within.

One man who took part in the class said:

“What a treat ! If you missed it, you really missed something special.It was amazing, Celeste. And, I was really impressed by the depth of your experience, and your presence as a teacher. It’s so clear that you know what you are doing, and that I could lean into you.”

Mark Silver, Portland, OR

You don’t have to miss this class; you can take part right now !

You can learn to tight-rope walk with a pencil, and you won’t get hurt. You may be very surprised at your own talent. Trust your own heart, and give me your hand as we walk this path to Drawing from Within.

Presenting “Drawing from Within” the mp3 recording of the 78 minute class.

Work along with this group of small business owners in privacy. It’s completely hands-on with not much talking, except for the introduction and instructions, and various expletives during the work !

No prior knowledge is needed, only a desire to try something (probably) new, even for experienced artists. The good news is, it’s easier than in person ! No one will be standing over you watching.

You’ll need a few simple things:

  • 6 or so sheets of letter sized 8″ X 10 1/2 ” paper
  • a pencil or pen
  • (optional) a bit of masking tape would be helpful

What can you expect ?

At the very least, to be entertained. But I think more than that, you’ll be surprised at what you can do, that doesn’t resemble anything you would normally do and almost seems like someone else drew it.

A big asset is a willingness to suspend self-judgment for as long as possible, until you’ve had a chance to find some “inside information” held in your work. This is where the connection to illustrating with heart gets plugged in as a real possibility.

The guidebook provides in print all the background information, instructions and guidance to gently accompany you on this first adventure. The guidebook includes:

Interpretation Guidance
Instructions for modified drawing from within
Summary of wider applications

This contains the drawings of the folks who took part in the recorded class. These people gave their permission to let you share their amazing results, not to compare yours with theirs, but so you’ll see that you are not alone in your amazement.

None of these people were artists, and most had never tried to draw before. There were three different drawings made during the class, so you can see in the Gallery how quickly they progressed.

Your results have nothing to do with being born with extra-special talent. I have watched as seemingly non-artistic clients take off and draw like angels. Everyone has an artistic talent within them if they’re interested in discovering and developing their birthright.

Many have questions about interpreting some of their results, as you too might have. Some guidance is given on the recording as well as in the Guidebook. Some of the anomalies that show up in the Gallery were too private to include specifically, but many a puzzling area has a story behind it that is quite amazing.

In the guidebook, I have included my own first weird result and its interpretation. The picture in the heading is a combination of several of my first drawings in a painting called “Many Hands”.

One client said:“I have been in one of Celeste’s classes and learned her method, and . . . not only did I come up with amazing drawings that I never dreamed to do but now when I look at people or trees, plants, animals, I see them differently and I draw them with life inside. I finally love drawing.Celeste is a great teacher and a pioneer, if you want to discover your hidden talent, take one of her classes NOW !!!!Catherine Marechal, Central Italy


I guarantee that by taking part in this program, you can find your own talent, and learn to draw from within. Your drawings from within will have far more heart than any you might have made from the outside.
If you are not fully satisfied within one month of trying all the steps, then I will refund 100% of your cost.

While my business remains in hiatus, this package is complimentary — free — gratis. I do hope you enjoy it.

Here are the files to download:

The Gallery of Class Drawings

Another client said:”I don’t think anyone teaches art the way you do . . . from and of the heart . . . very unique and special . . .Paula Bobb, Rochester, NY
pianist and piano teacher

Celeste Varley

“Awakening my own Creator within is constantly unveiling my true nature. This passion lies in knowing, without a doubt, that everyone and everything holds a beauty at its core. It is my privilege and honour to gently help people move beyond self-expression, and to access the seeds of wholeness within.

I am delighted to be teaching drawing as a healing process, as well as painting, making environments art, writing, and caring for my aging husband, dogs, and garden, on Pender Island, BC, Canada.

Please don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any questions at all about this program. Write me your questions here, and I’ll answer usually within a couple of days.

Keywords: artists

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