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By: Okanagan Barrel Works  09-12-2011
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Every once in a while a suicidal barrel will jump off the forklift and suffer some damage.  Okanagan Barrel Works is fully equipped to handle a complete range of repairs from simple bore bug holes to multiple stave and heading piece replacements.

Standard shop labour rate   C $80 / hour
Stave replacement 1st stave C $100
  Each additional stave C $  45
Heading replacement 1st piece C $  75
  Each additional piece  C $  25
Complete new head    C $125
New Hoops, each   C $  30


To refurbish a barrel, we remove both heads and put the barrel through our shaving machine.  We use a router to remove approximately 3/16” from the inner surface and we use a variety of hand tools to clean up any low spots or broken blisters.  The heads are planed flat and clean and the barrels are then re-assembled.  If requested we can also re-toast a shaved barrel.

Reconditioning  Up to 114L barrels C $70
  Over 114L barrels C $80
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Keywords: Barrel, Barrel Works

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