By: Cf Fence  09-12-2011
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To better meet the needs of the farming and ranching community, CF Fence has manufactured a unique line of feeders, gates, panels and sprinklers utilizing their unique ripple pipe design. Bale feeders are square or octagonal and accommodate large rectangular or round bales for cows, horses or sheep. Continuous feeders can come in any length and are designed to allow access by cattle to feed via individual stanchions.
Gates and panels are manu-factured in the following standard sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 feet. This line includes domestic deer gates, portable panels, hog mesh gates, and calf creeper gates - fencing options that keep livestock in and wildlife out. Gates and panels may also be custom ordered to meet specialized requirements.

CF Fence’s sprinkler line consists of a rooftop model and a ground model with wheels. The rooftop version is designed to straddle a roof peak as a means of wetting down a roof in the event of a fire threat. Easily installed, CF Fence’s rooftop sprinkler is transferable to roofs of differing pitch and size. The ground sprinkler is on wheels and can be moved easily to respond to potential fire threat if, when and where the need arises.

Keywords: Gates

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Not only can the entire product line be modified to suit individual needs, CF Fence strives to manufacture custom products which are cost-effective and viable solutions for their farm & ranch fencing customers. This unique feature provides additional strength and safety as ripple pipe eliminates the cuts and scrapes to livestock often associated with the strap uprights of conventional fencing options.