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Individual, Couples, Teen & Family Counselling from Tanya Johnson, Marriage and Family Therapist

By: Tanya Johnson, Marriage and Family Therapist  06-07-2011
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Change is possible. The right therapy will instill confidence, awaken insight, and nurture growth.

I canhelp you to make powerful and lasting changes in your life. Having supported individuals, teens, couples, and families for over twelve years I am able to provide excellent therapeutic care. The journey of growth can be exciting as you uncover new possibilities. You simply require a wise, experienced, and compassionate guide to help bring you to your own strength and wisdom. Together we will discover, heal, and release blocks, so that you can joyfully embrace life.


Creating a life that reflects our values, potential, and dreams can be challenging. Painful life experiences, limitations, and genetic factors, may cause us to lose connection with ourselves and in our relationships. It can be difficult to ask for help, but the very act of reaching out is a vital first step to opening the door to change.


I embrace a holistic approach that takes your experiences, beliefs, strengths and values into account.As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT), my training allows me to explore deeply with you, offering insight around complex issues. I consider it an honor to walk alongside my client's on their paths.


Being well versed in a broad spectrum of creative and empowering therapeutic approaches allows me to use a tailored approach to best support your specific personality, learning style and particular concerns. Choosing from: evidence-based therapies, body awareness exercises, guided visualization, mindfulness, art therapy, movement, investigation of internal process, and examination of personal history to understand how it affects the present, and others.


My practice offers quality services in:

            Individual Therapy

            Couple Therapy

            Family Therapy (Including work with children)

            Teen Therapy  

            Holistic Therapy

            Workshop Facilitation

            Community Presentations

            Healing Circles

            Creative Ritual Design


I am happy to offer a 30-minute FREE consultation for you to ask any questions and to see how I can help support you. I currently serve White Rock,  Surrey, South Surrey, Delta, Ladner, Cloverdale, Langley, Fort Langley and surrounding areas in BC.


What to Expect


Counselling involves meeting to determine what you would like to work through and how you would like things to be different in your life, and then moving towards your goals. There is an opportunity for you to share your story. I will explore with you in a safe, supportive environment. Information is collected about your current life, your strengths, core values, personal resources, current patterns, and about the family you grew up in to develop a therapeutic plan that best supports your current needs. After this we begin addressing your concerns so that you can begin to feel healthier, happier and more connected to loved ones.



Couples Counselling


Couple relationships hold the potential to help us develop deep lasting love and commitment that aides us in our own healing. Their multifaceted nature can also create challenges, resentment, and distance. As a skillfully trained couples therapist I can help guide your relationship back to health. Helping support couples through difficulties into places of expressing deep love, passion, and friendship, I will work with you to uncover the strengths and resiliency of your relationship.


Teen and young adult Therapy


As teens are growing up there are many things that can interfere with the process of becoming an adult. In my counselling with teens and young adults it is often important to weave in family sessions alongside individual sessions. Although it may often appear to the contrary, teens still very much need parental involvement, connection, and rules. Often young people come into therapy because someone in their life has determined they need help. Though this may be valid, it often feels disempowering for them, so to help empower them I explore what is important to them in their lives, and how they would like things to be different.



Family therapy


Today there are many different family compositions alongside the traditional family, each with its unique set of challenges. Family counselling can involve the whole family, or various parts of the family, depending on the family’s current needs and who is able to attend. I work with families to find out what is important to them as a whole, and individually. I ask questions and observe the dynamics between family members to develop an understanding of how I can best support them. During the first few counselling sessions I collect information about family life, relationships, strengths, resources and current patterns. After this I share my observations and we begin to address the presenting concerns.


Holistic Counselling


Holistic counselling engages the whole person. This natural approach to wellness explores mind, body and spirit, focusing on the optimal development of personal resources. In a safe, caring and relaxed environment feelings are honored and expressed. Holistic therapy supports individuals, couples, and families as appropriate, respecting their culture, values and strengths. Focus is given to self-awareness, self-acceptance, healing and growth. Holistic counselling offers benefits to everyone. This wellness focused approach helps to alleviate anxiety, depression, and anger in their many forms, meeting the needs of a wide spectrum of people, of different ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations.




Workshop Facilitation and Healing Ceremonies


Facilitating workshops that invite creativity, laughter, fun, and commitment to personal growth and healing is a passion of mine. As a dancer, meditator, artist, and highly sensitive person I bring an imaginative and unique approach to my workshops and healing ceremonies. I have run several parent and child groups, and provided community education around mental health issues. With deep enthusiasm for building community relationships and sharing in community I love to bring people together to explore, create and heal.



I also offer ritual design and healing circles. Healing circles are where a group of people gather together to focus on physical, emotional, and/or spiritual issues as needed. There may be one person who is focused upon, or each member of the group may be asking for healing. Healing circles can be a one time event, offered in times of crisis or when deep repair is needed, or they may be a monthly ritual to allow the healing to deepen.  These have been deeply powerful for those who participate.

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