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By: Wray Group  09-12-2011

*We can customize the length of your Short Take workshop to meet your needs.

"We get so caught up in getting the job done that we forget we have people reporting to us. The real job of a manager or leader is to enable your people so that they can do the job. The job will get done. Your job is to work with your people."

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Wray Group - Employee Surveys

Gallup proved that workplace behaviour impacts results.1 Surveys like the Gallup Q12 target the general behavioral areas that appear to improve results in any organization. Instead of using generic, standardized surveys, we help you identify the specific behaviours that matter most to your organization. We work with you to ensure that your custom survey items align directly with your business objectives.


Wray Group - Customized Programs

It’s easy to apply, it’s simple, there’s not an overwhelming amount of material and the guys are using it. We customize these programs to meet the unique needs of each client organization. Customized Programs introduce and reinforce core leadership skills over time. They ensure that what is learned in the program is applied in the workplace. This is just one possible combination of program elements.