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By: Versity Management Consultants  09-12-2011

No single group of employees has greater control over the success of an organization than those in leadership and management positions. It is this group who plan and direct the course of the organization, who control the resources, who manage the performance of employees, who establish the culture of the business, and who are ultimately accountable for the organization’s financial performance.

When leaders do their jobs well, employees do theirs well too.
High performing leaders should be an organization’s most valuable asset.

In today's business environment, few leaders and managers have all the skills needed to manage the broad range of situations that face them each day.

Based on a thorough leadership assessment using a battery of assessment tools, we identify leaders’ specific strengths and personal growth needs and develop customized competency based solutions which, when combined with experiential learning, ensure that leaders can immediately apply their learning on the job.

The Seven Pillars of Leadership Wisdom & The Signature Leaders assessment evaluate:

  • Personal Traits
  • Personal Competencies
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Team Roles

Using these tried and tested tools, we can help your organization with the:

  • Identification and Selection of Leaders
  • Development of Leaders
  • Succession Planning

- the 44 leadership competencies measured on the Seven Pillars (coming soon)
- Seven Pillars of Leadership Wisdom (coming soon)

- the 36 leadership competencies measured on the Signature Leaders (coming soon)
- Signature Leaders (coming soon).


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