Transportation Industry

By: The Ozone Man  09-12-2011
Keywords: Environmental Solutions, Hydrogen Peroxide

The transportation industry has been hurt by the recent down turn in the global economy. Many people stay closer to home because of costs, fears of terror acts and issues pertaining to world health problems including the spread of superbug pathogens. The Transportation industry would benefit greatly from TOMI products as they apply to many sub-groups within the transportation industry for including Rental cars, Rapid Transit, School buses, Airplanes, Trains, Cruise Ships, Cabs, Limo's and Carriages.

What do all these modes of transportation have in common? They all have dirty seats! and to take it a step further all these modes of transportation transports people to different venues that have more dirty seats, for example sporting events, classrooms, movie theaters, restaurants, hospitals, hotel rooms, and all sorts of other public halls, stadiums and convention centers.

Many studies show that over 52 percent of all public seats including transportation seats and venues seating have fecal matter on the seats along with MRSA and many other deadly pathogens.

TOMI Environmental solutions recently commercialized its defense backed and engineered technology to sterilize all public seating. A technician in minimal PPE gear, shoots and sprays TOMI solution which is an activated hydrogen peroxide solution that’s is altered into a aerosol mist after it passes through a 17,000 volt potential and becomes an ROS (Relative Oxygen Species), this ROS kills all bacteria cells. Cost is 0.60-0.90 cents to sterilize a seat,guaranteed transient sterilization.

Keywords: Environmental Solutions, Hydrogen Peroxide

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SteraMist is a leader in the worlds Hydrogen peroxide based technology because we have the only technology that is a operator hand held gun and pointed at all those hard to clean areas that we all know are harvesting the deadly pathogens. Which has been proven to kill all pathogens that pass between its Ultraviolet lamps and reduce particulates in your institutions HVAC system along with saving 25-30 percent off your energy bill.


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TOMI’s products and technology will assist the remediator’s with modern, green answers that can be applied in disaster and fire/smoke restoration, water damage restoration, air quality and mold ID/removal, Mechanical systems hygiene and more.


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A contact insecticide which provides quick knockdown/kill and broad spectrum control, Bed Bug Fix ™ is safe to use around children and pets and offers a pleasant botanical scent. The active ingredient complex attacks the neurotransmitter octopamine in insects, which regulates many of their basic functions. Bed Bug Fix™ is a naturally-derived all-purpose insecticide that kills bed bugs and dust mites.


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Today's challenge to the food industry is Food safety and with the ever increasing evolving world of resistant pathogens including a new and deadly class of bacteria known as Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli, or STEC,food safety has become a critical challenge.


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The Hospitality Industry is faced with many difficult issues today, lack of qualified employees, government regulations, people who can’t afford to go out and if they do, plane tickets that are to expensive, along with food prices that have gone up resulting in hotel restaurants revenue declining.