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By: The Ozone Man  09-12-2011
Keywords: Environmental Solutions, Dust Mites, Hydrogen Peroxide

The Hospitality Industry is faced with many difficult issues today, lack of qualified employees, government regulations, people who can’t afford to go out and if they do, plane tickets that are to expensive, along with food prices that have gone up resulting in hotel restaurants revenue declining. One issue, which is gaining momentum with the traveler, is, how clean is my room? Not from a stand point of visual cleanliness but from a standpoint of potential environmental threats that might plaque the guest and his or her family. Some examples are contaminated drinking glasses, contaminated air, allergens such as dust mites and pet dander, mold spores, and rooms that have been contaminated with MRSA and other deadly bacteria and viruses. The first thought that many guest have is, when you sit on the bedspread who’s bottom was lying on it before mine? TOMI can offer your guests that piece of mind!

Studies have demonstrated that 53% of all surfaces such as public chairs, couches and bedspreads are contaminated with fecal matter including bacteria of other stains. Another study showed that never since prehistoric time has there be such resurgence in bed bug infestations as we currently see today. So how does one hotel chain win back their clients confidence in a tough market like we have today. Guests are less satisfied today then ever before with the hotel industry. TOMI Environmental Solutions is here to change that.

TOMI Steramist is a shoot and spray hydrogen peroxide based technology that activates a 7.5 percent hydrogen peroxide based solution into a ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), The SteraMist mist is residue free, does not corrode materials and kills bacteria, mold spores, bed bugs and viruses on contact. SteraMist is applied by a trained hotel staff member using a " aim-shoot-spray" technique with minimal PPE and takes minutes for those contaminated rooms or seconds for a bed spread, chair or couch and leaves the surface transient sterilized. So think of the PR and the advertisements, not only are our rooms clean but also all the surfaces are sterile!

For your rooms that have an infestation of bed bugs, our protocol is to treat the room thoroughly with Steramist and follow-up with our EPA approved BED Bug Fix that is harmless to children and pets. The housekeeping department after their daily cleaning will follow TOMI's protocol and spray BBF in the appropriate areas once a week, result NO more Bed Bugs.

So there it is TOMI, a one stop environmental solutions shop for all your hotels environmental needs. Stay Healthy, offer TOMI products! Visit for more details.

Keywords: Dust Mites, Environmental Solutions, Hydrogen Peroxide

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