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By: Strongbridge Real Estate  09-12-2011
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A skilled third party negotiator working on your behalf can be effective leverage to garner you better terms and financial packages.

It only makes sense to protect yourself, and your company, with the best advice for a long term commitment.

You get: a fair “conflict free” commitment from SREC.

Reliable and current market information delivered in a straight forward way, which will allow you to make “informed” decisions.


Clear communication and timely review of the project financial and timetable objectives are practiced diligently by SREC. This is in concert with the client on a regular basis, and mutually agreed revisions and and target parameters are redefined as required to meet project completion.


SREC successfully located multiple new stores from BC to Ontario and the GTA.  Client parameters (income /traffic /characteristics etc) where adhered to utlizing in depth analysis to achieve “Best Opportunity” on price performance charting on established and emerging opportunities.

Forward thinking on a timely basis!


SREC has negotiated over 100 Million Dollars in contract commitments across the west and Ontario and is absolutely current as to working standards.

Small components of a contract arrangement that appear insignificant or trivial to begin with (often confined to small print), BUT over time, can cause significant financial burdens.

(Heating and cooling, roof and building fix up requirements, or operating hindrances such as difficult approvals processes, are a few to review).
An experienced negotiator on your behalf can quantify these and in many cases lessen the financial impact.

SREC has brokered and lease negotiated hundreds of locations, contact us for expert advice!  Some placements:

Keywords: Project Management, Real Estate

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