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By: Softree  09-12-2011
Keywords: Mapping, data collection, Design Software

Practical simple solutions for road engineering, cable logging, site design, mapping and field data collection. Softree is recognized as a leader in forest engineering software solutions. Proven and field tested, our software is used by consultants, companies, universities and governments worldwide. All our products are practical and easy to use!

Softree products integrate well in the modern forestry office. Clean, simple and standalone, they allow information to be moved seamlessly between other applications such as Microsoft Office® or ArcView®. Our software works with a variety of field equipment such as GPS devices, laser guns, handheld computers and other data collection devices.

Terrain Tools® Forestry is an easy to use software toolkit for traverse field note capture, mapping, site design and cable logging analysis. Versatile and easy to use, it includes functions for traverse note entry, traverse adjustment, map production, digital terrain modeling, site design, visualization and report generation. Terrain Tools is widely used by forest engineers, surveyors and forestry technicians in North America and internationally.

Terrain Tools® CE allows you to enter and verify traverses in the field using a hand held computer. Once you get back to the office, connect the handheld device to your desktop computer and your ready to go. In addition to saving time in the office you can check your surveys before you leave the field! Terrain Tools CE supports interfaces with Garmin recreational GPS devices and laser guns.

RoadEng® is an easy to use site and road design software package. It includes all the functions of Terrain Tools Forestry plus functions for low-volume road design. It includes functions for data collection, terrain modelling, contouring, volumes, profiles, sections, and road design.

RoadLoggerTM is a field data collection system that allows you to record the location and attributes of structures, features, and inspections on forest roads. This data can then be exported in a format compatible with external GIS or other forest road management systems.

RoadLogger is fully configurable. Information, such as road status, location and condition of signage, culverts, ditches, bridges or other events can be easily entered and tracked.

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Softree - Software Support

All software upgrades at no additional cost are available from the web and are mailed periodically on CD. Softree support staff are available during regular business hours. See product pages (RoadEng, Terrain Tools etc.) for pricing. Annual Subscription - Outside North America. Access to supplemental web resources.


Softree - Mapping Software

Versatile and easy to use, it includes functions for surveying, coordinate geometry, image manipulation, digital terrain modeling, contouring, volume and earthwork calculations, design, visualization and report generation. It is the ideal tool for outdoor recreations, real-estate professionals, farmers, ecologists, archaeologists and others who need to create maps, calculate areas, lengths, bearings and distances.


Softree - Civil Engineering Software

Softree's Civil Engineering products have been successfully applied to a variety of applications including pipelines, mining, oil and gas, military, and construction. Terrain Tools is used everyday by 1000’s of civil engineers, surveyors, architects, geoscientists and planners. It can be applied either as an add-on to other civil design software or as a complete standalone system.


Civil Design Software for Energy and Resource Projects

RoadEng, coupled with LIDAR, has proven to be a useful tool for applications in mining, oil and gas and pipelines as well as a variety of renewable resource projects such as wind power, run of river hydroelectric and geothermal sites. The challenge to design cost effective sites with little or no negative impact on either aquatic or terrestrial habitat is especially difficult in steep and variable terrain.


Softree Solutions

The challenge to design cost effective sites with little or no negative impact on either aquatic or terrestrial habitat is especially difficult in steep and variable terrain. Applications include recreational mapping for GPS applications, landscape planning, real estate, civil engineering and geology. Planning clean energy projects to ensure minimal environmental impact presents unique problems for engineers and planners.


Softree - Seminars

Please note attendance is limited and acceptance is based on a 'first come first served' basis. Introduction to Resource Road Design.