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By: Softcare  09-12-2011
Keywords: business process, Edi Software

Supply chain management, sourcing, ECCNet, UCCNet, EDI Roll Out Progams, AS2 Communications, Business Process Management..

Driven by consumer demands for more efficient Healthcare services at reduced costs, President Clinton signed into law the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, better known as HIPAA. This law gave the Department of Health the job of mandating standards Healthcare EDI..

Customer Service Order Processing, EDI, Web Self Service Ordering, Product e-Marketing, Getting more from you EDI investments..

OpenEC Software, Solutions & Technology that scales to the special needs of Service Providers, Outsourcing eBusiness Companies and Data Centers..

marketing power smart products, e-catalog, promotions, sourcing, industry registry..

EDI Business Process Consulting, EDI Guideline Development, Advancing your EDI program, Getting more from your EDI Investment, EDI Software, Web EDI Solutions, EDI/XML solutions..

Managing your trading partner community, automating business document processes, integration of business processes and your legacy applications, auditing high volume eBusiness transaction..

Business development for custom eBusiness software solutions, return on investment, selecting the right eBusiness and web technologies, lowering project risks..

EDI software information. Provides an overview of EDI Software, AS2 Software and the integrated TradeLink EDI Solution ..

The SoftCare OpenEC Line of EDI, XML, b2b Catalog and eBusiness solutions are available for most popular computer systems

  • OpenEC eBusiness Solution for Linux
  • OpenEC eBusiness Solution for Windows NT Server
  • OpenEC eBusiness Solution for Windows 2003 Server
  • OpenEC eBusiness Solution for SUN Solaris
  • OpenEC eBusiness Solution for IBM AIX
  • OpenEC eBusiness Solution for HPUX
  • OpenEC eBusiness Solution for SCO UNIX
  • OpenEC eBusiness Solution for UNIX Server.
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    Keywords: business process, Edi Software

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    Application frameworks for web based e-business applications, buying, selling, sourcing, marketing and rapid custom development.. Full featured EDI software for Linux, EDI Software for Windows, EDI Software for Unix systems.. Advanced online catalog management software for the most demanding e-business applications.. AS2 Management System with BPM and advancing operations and auditing.