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By: Smarthome Shop  09-12-2011
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  • The real advantage of Control4 technology lies in the sleek, simple controllers. These intuitively-designed remotes and touch screens let you control your home theatre, lighting, climate and more
  • SmartHomeShop also offers Control4 controllers that can store movies, pictures, music and other digital media

Home Controller HC-1000

Optimized to run as a high-performance primary controller for large media libraries.

  • Half Terabyte internal hard drive
  • Solid-state boot drive
  • Rack-mountable

Home Controller HC-500

Combines the power of our Home Controller HC-300 with an integrated hard drive and additional inputs/outputs.

  • 720p HD on-screen TV interfaces
  • Store digital music and photos on the internal 160GB hard drive

Home Controller HC-300

With increased performance capabilities, the HC-300 makes whole-home automation simple.

  • 720p HD on-screen TV interface
  • Add digital music and photos with USB hard drive

Audio/Video Products

  • Both SmartHomeShop and Control4 offer an impressive range of audio and video products specially designed to integrate your existing audio, video, and home theater components
  • Store and organize your media files, send music to any room in the house and optimize your home theater experience

Multi Channel Amplifier

State-of-the-art 8 zone digital amplifier/matrix switch delivers high-quality sound to any room in your house.

  • Full equalization per channel
  • 16-channel digital amplifier, 100 watts per channel
  • 8 signal-sensing stereo analog audio inputs

Audio Matrix Switch

Easy access all of your audio sources, from home stereo and iPod to satellite radio, and play them throughout your home.

  • Automatic detection of audio signals
  • 16 input sources to 16-output zone

Speaker Point

One of the most affordable and practical ways to stream music throughout your home.

  • 2-channel digital amplifier
  • 50 watts per channel
  • WiFi and Ethernet versions

Multi Tuner

Experience the power of traditional radio and the latest in satellite-radio technology throughout your home.

  • Stream three stations simultaneously
  • Dual AM/FM tuners
  • Optional XM Satellite Radio

System Remote

  • The coffee table piled high with a myriad of remotes is a thing of the past! Control4’s wireless System Remote Control simplifies all of your high-tech equipments’ remote control functionality into one handheld device.
  • More than a universal remote, a Control4 Wireless Remote Control features bi-directional communication, a backlit LCD screen, and a fast wireless connection that lets you control other automated devices

Touch Screens

  • The Control4 Touch Screens offered by SmartHomeShop concentrate all the power and convenience of home automation technology into a simple, interactive interface
  • Brilliant, full color graphics and a sleek, intuitive interface allow even the biggest technophobe to easily control an impressive range of home automation functions.
  • SmartHomeShop sells a range of wireless Control4 Touch Screens that give you complete control from anywhere in the house

Wireless Touch Screen

Control an entire home automation system with this elegant 10.5” in-wall touch screen.

  • Ethernet communication
  • In-wall installation
  • Custom wood frames available


  • Integrating your home automation system with Control4 light switches and dimmers gives you the power to create any mood or ambiance you desire, all with the touch of a button
  • Control4’s switches communicate wirelessly, allow you to control them from a variety of interfaces, including touch screens, keypads or your system remote

Wireless 6 Button Keypad

  • Scalable, low cost solution
  • Unlimited programming options
  • Customizable keycaps
  • Customizable LED colors

Wireless Outlet Dimmer

Connect to any household plug-in device, immediately making it part of the Control4.

  • Dual outlets
  • Small form factor
  • Secure mounting
  • Energy efficient
  • Built-in dimmer capabilities


  • Control4’s programmable Wireless Keypads allow you to control everything from music volume and groups of lights to gas fireplaces and more
  • The sleek, simple keypads come in two, three and six-button configurations

Temperature Control

  • Control4 climate control products are the simple, economical way to add the convenience of automated temperature control to your home automation system.
  • Adjust room temperatures, operate blinds, turn on or off fireplaces and ceiling fans and more – all from any room on your house
  • Wireless Thermostat – Easily adds advanced temperature control to any home.
  • Bi-directional communication with all Control4 interfaces .
  • Stand-alone functionality

Keywords: audio, Home Automation, Home Theater, Touch Screens