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By: Silver Lining Herbs Canada  09-12-2011
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Supports the digestive tract, blood, kidneys, lymphatic system, bones, tendons, muscles, and fights infection and repels mucus. This mix will give your horse that total health “edge.” This is the mix to use for a daily maintenance.

If your horse has no known ailments, or situations, then this is the combination to use. The #10 Training Mix will take even the healthiest of horses over that total health edge. Plain and simply they will feel good and perform to their utmost ability. Even if you and your horse are not competing, this combination will make your daily rides much more enjoyable because your horse will feel good, therefore your horse will be happy. The #10 is also an incredible preventative for injuries, as well as sickness. This combination of ingredients was designed specifically to support every organ, bone, tendon, muscle and system within a healthy horse. This creates a healthy environment that disease and injury cannot live within.

A great foundation for nursing mothers & young horses!

Because the #10 Training Mix has 100% human grade herbs to support every system within a horse’s body, this is a very effective combination for babies, weanlings and young horses. The #10 Training Mix will create strength in their young bones, muscles and tendons, making their legs grow in a manner that creates a strong foundation. The #10 will prevent pigeon toeing, bowing and knock knees in young horses. This will also help in the development of the strength in the digestive system, and will begin prevention of colic and all other digestive disorders. The #10 will also support the blood, kidneys and lymphatic system, while expelling mucous and infection. The bottom line—no young horse should be without the #10 Training Mix if you want to ensure your horse leads a healthy life. It should also be noted that this supplement should be fed to mares nursing babies, in order for the young colts to receive the nutritional value of the #10 through their mother’s milk. DO FEED TO NURSING MOMS!

Keywords: Horse

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Silver Lining Herbs Canada | Equine Supplements

Many horses need this specific herbal combination when they are showing discomfort in the kidney area (approximately where the back of the saddle sits on the back). This mix is to strengthen kidneys and promote the building of synovial fluid in the joints. Would it surprise you to know that arthritis is the result of poor kidney function.


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Designed to make the stallion feel better and be more fertile by strengthening the blood and glandular system, thus allowing you to use him on more mares with better results. Nourishes the bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and stimulates circulation in the feet to help make the feet be firm and sound. Designed to pull out infection, promote healthy tissue growth, circulation, repel insects and reduce pain.