Scheduled Maintenance

By: Silk Cat Automotive  09-12-2011
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Scheduled Maintenance

By far the best way to keep your vehicle operating correctly is through regular, scheduled maintenance. It has been proven time and again that the cost to perform regular maintenance is less than what the cost would be to repair a component that failed due to lack of maintenance. Whether you drive a new car, used car or even a classic we can help keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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If you drive a new vehicle, then we can perform all the scheduled maintenance the manufacturer recommends. We have a complete database of all vehicles and what the specific service requirements are for each one. Why wait days or even weeks to have your vehicle serviced at the dealer when we can perform the exact same service, often for less money and without the wait?


This is the most common service we perform on your vehicle. Besides changing the oil and filter we also go through and top up all the fluids in your vehicle. While doing this we check the quality of the fluids. Monitoring the quality of the fluids in your vehicle is an excellent way to keep track of the condition of major components. For example, we do a pH test on your coolant to tell us if the coolant is breaking down and allowing corrosion to occur in your engine and cooling system.

We also check all the mechanical components on your vehicle including the brakes, suspension, steering and exhaust. In the engine compartment we check all hoses and belts, tighten the belts (if required) and do a visual inspection. We check the air filter and cabin filter (if equipped) and replace them if necessary. We do a walk around of the exterior of your vehicle and check items like the lights and wipers (blade condition). We check the condition of the tires and look for any unusual signs of wear which could indicate a potential problem with the suspension or vehicle alignment. We set the air pressures and rotate the tires (if required).

All the door locks and hinges are lubricated and a silicone treatment is applied to the rubber seals on the doors and trunk. This helps to keep the seals soft and pliable so they can do their job of keeping rain and wind noise out of the vehicle. When the weather gets cold, this treatment also helps to prevent your doors from getting frozen shut.

In short we do a complete check-up of your vehicle and let you know which items need to be repaired immediately and what items will need attention in the future. After your vehicle is serviced you will have the assurance that your vehicle has been checked over thoroughly and is in proper (and safe) working condition.


Damaged Pushrods and Rocker Arms

Scored Bearing Caps

Keywords: Doors, vehicle

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