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By: Pro Rep Services  09-12-2011
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At Pro Rep Services (PRS) our team of dedicated professionals will always "be there" to literally take the "pain" out of the distribution process for you. You will benefit from our specifically on delivering to new market the highest quality products, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As a member of our network of Dealers and Retailers, you gain full access to our highly skilled support staff and strategically located warehousing in major markets across the country, plus benefit from our "solution based, customer service centre work ethic. Quite frankly, we embrace the principle that success is a journey, not a destination, and we are confident that your unique journey to success will be enhanced by our presence! We are proud to say that PRS has a reputation for providing a level of service that consistently meets and often exceeds the highest measure of consumer expectations. Our ability to provide this seamless, value-added distribution service quite simply means a higher level of satisfaction can be experienced by your retail customers. Due to the overall scale of our operations, the delivery of product and the dealer-level cost of product are often more economical than sourcing product from a single-line manufacturer.

What you really get is successful distribution with a difference.

·         Market intelligence and industry specific know how

·         Delivery of product and the dealer-level cost of product are often more economical than sourcing product from a single-line manufacturer

·         Grouping complementary products within specific industries, large volume operations and strategically-placed warehousing across the country

·         Sales and marketing teams are focused on their core industry and sales channel! The people involved in a specific channel have extensive work-related or recreational experience in that industry. This is not just a job but also a way of life, a passion!

Now that’s "positive" presence, generated from our genuine passion to help you grow your business!

PRS is in the business of channel development and demand creation for products and services across the world. Armed with market intelligence and industry specific know how, PRS is uniquely positioned to be the best partner to both the Manufacturer and the Dealer in “bringing to market” quality products and services.

·         Selection of high quality products to take to market

·         International distribution coverage that is large, lean and scalable

·         Focused, knowledgeable sales and distribution teams

·         Investment in and commitment to our key relationships:

o    Dealers & Retailers

o    Employees

o    Suppliers

Peace of mind that the job is being done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

·          PRS has built a solid International infrastructure that is scalable and cost effective in delivering value-added services in respect to brand positioning, channel development, pre and post sales programs and support services.

Keywords: Customer Service