By: Polyflake  09-12-2011
Keywords: Pumps, Coatings


Polyflake® Product Range
Polyflake 110 ABT / 330 AS
(brush and trowel) (Epoxy vinyl ester resin system): This system is for moderate concentration in alkali, acidic, bleach and solvent environments. It is FDA approved.

Polyflake 220 BBT / 330 BS

(Epoxy novalac system): This system is excellent for resistance against chemicals, solvents, acidic and oxidising environments (ex. chlorine and chlorine dioxide solutions).

Polyflake 440 CBT / 330 CS

(Brominated epoxy novalac vinyl ester system): This system is for use in applications with high temperature, chemical resistance, and fire resistance.

Polyflake 550 DBT / 330 DS

(Elastomer epoxy vinyl ester system): This sytem has extreme strength combined with excellent abrasion resistance and adhesion properties in high mechanical stress and chemical enviroments.

Polyflake 660 EBT / 330 ES

: For enviroments where solvent free coatings that are highly chemical, solvent and heat resistant are a must.

What Will it Cost?

This will depend upon many factors, but in general Polyflake® is competitive compared with alternative methods and in most instances it compares favourably in terms of replacement costs.

Polyflake® coatings are 'High Build' (i.e. 1/2-1mm thick) using between 2-4 times the quantity of materials used in alternative multi-coat systems. As a result the actual material costs are higher, however the final overall cost is made up materials, gritblasting and application costs. As the latter two items will be more or less the same for Polyflake® compared to alternative systems, the over price difference is relatively small - usually in the order of 20 - 30%.

These higher expenses are more than adequately justified by the inherent technical advantages of the material, extended lifetime of equipment and lower maintenance costs.

In some applications particularly in the marine field where dry dock time is crucial, the rapid cure and overcoating intervals of as low as 1/2 hour produced savings far in excess of the extra applied costs of the Polyflake® coating system.

Applcation Fields
Marine industry:

Marine Hulls, Decks, Rudders, Cooler End-covers, Condensor End-covers, Flanged Pipe Systems, Turbo-Cooling Pipes, Propeller Housing, Heat Exchangers, Propellers, Bow-thruster Housings, Multi-stage Saltwater Pumps, Oil Cooler Covers, Rudder Skeggs, Sewage Tanks, Water Tanks (FDA Approval).

Chemical Process Industry:

Pumps, Blowers, Storage Tanks, Pipe Systems, Storage Tank Bottom-plates, Centrifugal Fans and Housings, Smoke Stacks. Sewage Purification Plants: Water Box Covers, Pipe Systems, Sewage Pumps, Valves, Valve Cage Cooling Pumps, Basins, Tanks, Trenches, Concrete Tanks & Lining of Concrete Pipe Systems.

Water Treatment Plants:

Butterfly Valves, Pipe Systems (large and small diameter), Concrete Water Storage Tanks, Gate Valves.

Powerstations/Hydro Stations:

Water-boxes, Cooler End-covers, Impellers, Cooling Centrifugal Pumps, Main Condenser Doors, Multi-stage Pump Bowls, Vacuum Maintaining Pumps, Tube Plates.


Railroad Hooper Cars, Truck Chassis Containers, Container Platforms.

Basic Surfaces:

Metals, Bronze, Aluminium, GRP, PVC and Concrete.

Keywords: Coatings, Pumps