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By: Olmatech Technology  09-12-2011

At Olmatech, we are happy to provide you with unique and up-to-date mobile applications. We provide services in developing interactive data applications that can be very important to your business needs and satisfy the ever-changing challenges of the modern business environment.

Olmatech designs and implements applications for Windows Mobile, J2ME, Kindle, and Android platforms.

At Olmatech, we are experienced in creating applications for the Windows Mobile platform. We can assist your business to benefit from the growth in Windows Mobile usage and expand your mobile applications user-base by making it available for Windows Mobile.

The Olmatech team will help you develop the most suitable solution for your Windows Mobile application development requirements, keeping in mind the delivery timeline and ensuring that any solution is reliable and cost-effective.

Java 2 Micro Edition is Sun's version of a Java pointing device for use with limited hardware resources, such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), printers, and other consumer electronic and embedded devices. J2ME includes flexible user interfaces, a robust security model, a broad range of built-in network protocols, and extensive support for networked and offline applications that can be downloaded dynamically. Applications based on J2ME specifications are written once for use in a wide range of devices, yet they exploit each device's native capabilities.

Olmatech's expertise in mobile Java development covers a wide variety of J2ME solutions.

Whether you want to deploy a flexible and feature-rich solution, or you are willing to expand the sphere of applications for your software, we will offer our services and propose the best terms for you. Our developers have proficient experience in developing J2ME applications, testing them and importing them to mobile devices.

Our development team creates custom applications for Kindle devices. Our experts will thoroughly analyze all your requirements and design a solution that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

We use the official Amazon Kindle SDK to deliver top-quality Kindle applications that utilize device-specific features.

Our developers follow the latest developments in the industry so they can provide our customers with up-to-date solutions.

All Kindle applications developed by Olmatech meet the highest technological standards applied during the development process.

Our skilled and experienced development team creates customized applications for the Android platform that will help businesses reach new customers and generate additional revenue.

Android's overwhelming popularity continues to grow at a tremendous rate. Employing the benefits of established, free, open-source technologies––technologies endorsed by software giant Google––Android application development has the potential to make waves as a highly-technical interface in the mobile world.

At Olmatech, we will guide you from planning through deployment, always keeping your strategic business goals at the forefront.

Olmatech offers the full cycle of application development services to our clients:

  • Analysis of all your ideas/plans/concepts
  • Project evaluation and selection of the right platform for the application
  • Application design
  • Application development
  • Application publishing
  • Application support and maintenance after project completion

The first stage of development is the interview stage. We will ask questions about the application your company is seeking to develop. Prior to this, we typically require the signing of an NDA, or "non-disclosure agreement". The goal of the interview is to fully-understand the requirements of your application. We will discuss the development platform you want to use and the devices you want to target. We can advise you, based on our experience, about which technology will most likely be best suited to your required application.

Following this stage, we will write development specifications and create mock-ups of the finished product. This step helps us to communicate our requirements, gives you time and cost estimates, and creates a blueprint for the next stages: coding and testing.

During the coding and testing stages, we follow agile software development methodology based on iterative development and concurrent testing. We will send you weekly status reports, and we can deliver intermediate versions of the application for your review. This stage is followed by extensive testing of the application prior to finalization.

Once the final application has been finished and tested, we will deliver it to you for acceptance. Your company will valuate it against specifications created earlier in the process and, finally, sign an acceptance document.

We will guide you through every stage of the development process, always available for any questions or concerns you might have.

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