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By: Mc Lean Meats  09-12-2011

Canada has a mandatory nutritional labelling law that requires food products for human consumption to use a specific format for presenting the nutritional facts on their products. Here are some helpful tips when reading product labels:

1) INGREDIENTS: Ingredients are always listed in the order of highest quantity to lowest.

2) VITAMINS & MINERALS: Because we have so many foods now that are enriched with added vitamins and minerals, Canadian nutritional labels include a breakdown of things like vitamin C and iron per serving.

3) FAT, PROTEIN & SUGAR: If you are on a restricted diet and you are looking at labels for fat, sugar or protein levels, take in to consideration the proportion of the serving size. Sometimes the recommended serving size is abnormally small. This is especially true if you are comparing 2 different products made by different companies.

Sample label: 

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Never use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) when growing their produce, grains and/or animal grain feed. The pink colour in deli meats, especially pork products, is caused by a chemical reaction from additives such as nitrite. Gelatin is a colorless or slightly yellow, protein formed by boiling skin, bones, and connective tissue of animals.