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By: Lux Insights  09-12-2011

We know that Start-Ups do not usually set aside budget for research and often rely on their friends and colleagues for advice about their target market’s needs. This is by no means objective research.

We are strong proponents of the Lean Start-Up Methodology and encourage our clients to ‘get out of the building.’ It is only by engaging with the target market that Start-Ups can truly understand whether or not they are on the right track. We designed Lux Labs to help Start-Ups listen to their target market and to help them pivot sooner rather than later.

Using a variety of recruiting techniques, Lux will pull together your potential customers and engage them on whatever stage you are at: concept creation, product development, feature prioritization or usability. A Lux lab is held in a relaxed, informal but fully wired setting.

Lux Labs are powerful, insightful and affordable.

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Lux Insights - Consulting

In 2010, Lux was contracted to fulfil the VP, Brand Strategy role for a casual-dining restaurant chain. We worked alongside the chainâ??s marketing department to do a brand audit involving research with franchisees, management and customers. Lux then hired and worked with a brand strategy firm to develop a new brand direction for the Chain.


Lux Insights - Qualitative

From c-suite executives to health professionals to real estate buyers, we are experienced in conducting in-person and telephone interviews across a variety of sectors. From concept exploration to disaster checking, our moderators are experienced in uncovering and exploring participantsâ?. In their combined two decades of experience, Lux principals have moderated hundreds of groups around the world.


Lux Insights - Quantitative

We also do all types of multivariate analysis (discrete choice modelling. Not-for-profit research (membership, program evaluation. Advertising research (evaluation and effectiveness.


Lux Insights - Services

Sometimes our clients know exactly which service they want but, more often they look to us to determine the best research program and appropriate methodologies. From complex multi-variate studies to basic gen pop surveys, Lux conducts quantitative research using the following methodologies.. Lux offers a wide range of research services from ethnography to complex global brand trackers to competitive intelligence.