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By: Leading Quality  09-12-2011
Keywords: quality assurance, Recordings

Quality Assurance Audits:

Our unique quality assurance audit measures in excess of 1,200 standards in 28 different departments over a three day period. The report that is generated is both quantitative and qualitative in composition. The benefits of our audits are that they help with:

  • Establishing best international practices within your organization.
  • Identifying revenue generating missed opportunities.
  • Identifying training needs and requirements.
  • Benchmarking your organization against other luxury service providers.
  • Making management and staff more accountable.

The Inspection Process:

  • The typical inspection is carried out over a three day/two night period.
  • The inspection is unannounced to ensure a typical guest experience.
  • All departments that make up the customer journey are analyzed.
  • At the end of the inspection the consultant will announce himself/herself and a verbal feedback takes place.
  • The full report that follows consists of a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis (see The Report).
  • All inspection results are uploaded into our confidential database, resulting in the best benchmarking data in the luxury hospitality market.

The Report:

The LQA report format is in four parts:

  • Digital Recordings — wherever a telephone conversation takes place (i.e. reservations or room service) the call is recorded and then transcribed so that the client is able to see the exact conversation that took place between the consultant and the employee.
  • The Standards — the largest part of the report consists of 1,200 standards marked in the 28 different departments analyzed. These provide a percentage score for each department and an overall score for the hotel.
  • The Narrative — following each departmental assessment, a qualitative narrative summary is given which provides observations of the agent's overall experience as well as specific detail (i.e. names of employees) leaving no grey areas of interpretation.
  • Photographs — during the inspection digital photographs are taken where possible such as before and after the servicing of the room. This gives the hotel additional information in the form of a visual record.

Keywords: quality assurance, Recordings