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By: Ionocom  09-12-2011
Keywords: Product Development , Printed Circuit, Printed Circuit Boards

Ionocom offers design of printed circuit boards as part of the product development process. We can also offer this as a standalone service.

Our experience ranges from single-sided boards designed for absolute minimum cost to high-performance multi-layer boards with power and ground planes designed for RF, high-speed and high-density situations.

  • High-volume products where routing the design on a two-layer (or even single-sided) board is important to reduce costs.
  • Analog circuits where careful attention to routing and grounding is required to reduce noise and interference.
  • Radio frequency circuits where trace impedances must be controlled.
  • Digital logic circuits where grounding and screening is important to reduce EMI emissions.

Our primary tool for new projects is Altium Designer. In addition to excellent schematic capture and PCB layout tools this provides us with 3D mechanical integration, allowing visualisation of boards, components, enclosures and other mechanical parts, and exchange of mechanical data in industry-standard formats.

We have extensive experience with Cadence OrCAD Capture and Layout over a period of ten years. We use OrCAD for maintenance of existing designs and for projects where clients prefer these tools.

We also have CadSoft EAGLE available for use. This low-cost but capable tool is sometimes preferred by clients who are using it internally.

We typically perform both placement and routing by hand for the best results. We use automated design rules checking and extensive in-house checklists to ensure that designs are correct and manufacturable. We design PCBs to be produced to IPC A 600 standards.

Keywords: circuit boards, Printed Circuit, Printed Circuit Boards, Product Development , Product Development Process

Other products and services from Ionocom


Ionocom - Capabilities

We have a workshop area equipped with a small vertical mill and various other tools that allow us to fabricate small mechanical piece parts and to machine enclosures for prototypes. Ionocom is well-equipped to conduct most design and development work with a comprehensive set of digital, base-band and RF test equipment. We have facilities to produce prototype units, including leaded and surface mount assembly equipment.


Ionocom - Wireless Design

A particular focus for Ionocom is design of wireless products, using our broad experience over a wide range of technologies and frequency bands, with emphasis on short-range communications. 2.4GHz ZigBee We have designed ZigBee radios into products to provide wireless data transfer, using modular solutions and also discrete component designs based on chips from Ember Corp.


Ionocom - Other Design

Ionocom offers mechanical design of simple piece-parts associated with PCBs such as brackets and heat-sinks, custom displays, moulded keypads and other electro-mechanical items and front panels. We have designed systems ranging from simple, self-contained "go/no-go" test boxes through to computer-automated systems including GPIB-controlled test equipment and custom test jigs.


Ionocom - Software Development

Firmware is embedded software that is a permanent part of the product, typically stored in Flash memory and usually performing low-level functions that directly control the hardware. We have experience with 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers from suppliers such as Microchip, Texas Instruments, Rabbit and Atmel, and industry-standard parts such as the 8051.


Ionocom - Electronic Design

We have experience with 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers from supplies such as Microchip, Texas Instruments, Rabbit and Atmel, and industry-standard parts such as the 8051. We have solid digital logic design experience from tiny, low-power, discrete gate designs through to complex programmable-logic devices from suppliers such as Altera and Xilinx.