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By: Intrahealth  09-12-2011

Intrahealth products are at the leading edge of technology, supporting a variety of deployment modes, databases and customizations to ensure future proofing.

Our solutions support primary care physicians, specialist physicians, mental health, community health, health protection and promotion, contagious disease outbreaks, child protection, chronic disease management and so on.

Many products on the market are just a web browser, or deployed via thin clients or purely client server. Each has benefits and downsides, by selecting Intrahealth you have options and are assured that your needs will be met today and in the future. Whether in an enterprise environment, corporate environment, or at a physician office, Intrahealth has an appropriate solution for you.

All Intrahealth products have been designed to be flexible enough to suit your needs, intuitive, easy to learn and conform to clinical and technology standards. Customers with previous experience with Windows based products will find Intrahealth products very similar, from the Windows based look and feel to “drag and drop” functionality for quick and efficient use.

Other products and services from Intrahealth


Canada Health Care Communication Software | Maestro

Patient referrals, laboratory results, care plans and other clinically relevant information can now be sent by physicians and other care providers and stored in a contextually relevant and meaningful manner by the receiver. Maestro provides a secure mechanism for linking Health Care Providers, with tools such as secure practice to practice communication and shared care plans.


Canada Health System Management | InSync

Focused Lists – generates specific worksheets and activities for health providers to allow the system to undertake back office administrative activities and then present priorities to the health providers. Contract Management – a bridge between the administrative and financial systems, identifies the providers, services, validity and locations of contracted services.


Canadian Electronic Medical Records | Accession

Accession provider also facilitates the transferring of information throughout the community of care by enabling the main care provider to provide permissions for another health care provider to see one or more of their patients. Accession Patient provides patients direct and secure access to permitted elements of their medical record through an internet browser.


EMR Products, Practice Management Canada | Profile

Based on international clinical standards (The Good Electronic Health Record has been put together by ~ 250 clinicians who have analyzed how clinical records are to be stored, transferred, entered, altered and recognized. Utilize third party applications with ease profile works seamlessly with third party applications such as tablet PC’s, Dragon voice recognition, Microsoft paint and Microsoft Word.