Canadian Electronic Medical Records | Accession

By: Intrahealth  09-12-2011

Accession Patient provides patients direct and secure access to permitted elements of their medical record through an internet browser.

Accession encourages the participation of patients in managing their health.

Subject to the provider or administrator determining the degree of access patients can:

  • Retrieve personal medical information
  • Make appointments, change or cancel appointments or confirm pending appointments
  • Review recalls, see upcoming recalls, read the reason for a recall, make an appointment for a recall
  • Reorder standing medication orders and check the status of the order
  • Undertake self assessments that are reviewed by a clinical rule and escalated if necessary
  • Check laboratory results, graph them, seek an interpretation using a clinical rule agreed by health providers
  • Send observations
  • Review problem lists, read more information about their specific problems and be routed to health system approved web sites for additional details
  • Update personal information
  • even search for a doctor
  • and participate in the management of their health.

All functionality is highly configurable and controlled by the provider.

Accession Provider is a full featured browser based application enabling care providers to securely access and modify patient information from anywhere that the internet is available such as within hospitals or at home.

Information is available in real time and incorporates changes that are made from within the office, by the patient or through interaction with other Intrahealth products.

Accession provider also facilitates the transferring of information throughout the community of care by enabling the main care provider to provide permissions for another health care provider to see one or more of their patients. Shared information can be limited to specific elements of interest

GPs can enhance their interaction with specialists.

Pharmacies can also benefit with online access to orders placed by doctors from designated practices.

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