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By: Industrial Metrics  09-12-2011


What it is..

Rail View Plus provides graphical reporting and query capabilities for rail measurement data. It contains the most widely used reports and charts, as well as a tool for analyzing wear trends.

Who uses it..

Track engineers, roadmasters, managers and other railroad personnel who require visual, interactive reporting of rail wear information, but who do not need to edit or analyze the data.


  • quickly locates areas requiring track maintenance
  • monitors wear rates over time
  • forecasts rail replacement needs accurately
  • summarizes rail inventory value

Rail View Plus Features..


This view shows the greatest detail about rail wear at a specific location.

Rail Profile View showing multiple comparison runs

  • wear measurements, percent head loss, cant, gauge face angle, track gauge, rail type, wear classification
  • canted or uncanted display option
    visual gauge indicator
  • optional comparison to one or more earlier runs
  • optional unworn overlay
  • choice of units: metric, English, or mixed
  • user-defined layout and measurement labels
  • zoom
  • electronic ruler


Track condition chart combining several years of vertical and gauge wear.

  • choose up to eight measurements for both sides of the track (16 channels total)
  • choose from track gauge, head loss, head area, vertical wear, gauge wear, field wear, gauge-side lip, field-side lip, cant. gauge face angle, rail type, wear classification. 
  • optional comparison to one or more earlier runs
  • mini-profile shows track curvature degree and direction
  • crossings, lubricators and other track points are displayed as icons
  • dynamic horizontal and vertical re-scaling
  • zoom
  • electronic ruler


Run queries allow you to search for exceptional or dangerous track conditions.

  • supports combination queries: e.g. all profiles with negative cant and wide gauge
  • supports mixed ‘and/or’logic: e.g. find all 115 RE profiles worn to 10 mm laterally or 14 mm vertically 
  • 'spike' queries: localized exceptions
  • 'transition' queries: e.g. find locations where rail weight changes
  • queries can be based on track gauge, head area, head loss, wear measurements, cant angle, gauge face angle, rail weight and rail wear classification
  • query and reporting options can be saved as a named template
  • results are viewed on screen or saved to file as a Wear Report. Detail and summary options are available
  • reports are generated as text files or in CSV format for direct import to spreadsheets

This chart calculates average wear values and graphically displays a wear trend for any curve or tangent section.

  • measures curve performance in terms of wear rate
  • shows trends in rail wear (vertical, gauge or combined wear, or head loss percentage), and other track measurements (track gauge, cant)
  • shows 'out-of-balance' wear rates for left and right rails
  • optionally shows rail section condemning limits 
  • bases projections on time or tonnage
  • uses linear or quadratic projections
  • instant horizontal and vertical re-scaling on demand
  • automatically detects rail changeout
  • optionally displays wear rate equations


The Rail Inventory report summarizes rail assets in a selected territory by weight and wear classification.

  • lengths are actual, not scaled to long and short mileboards
  • user-selected start and end locations
  • example:

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