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By: Ic Tech  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cad Support, Mixed-signal Design, Mixed-signal Layout,

IC-Tech provides a comprehensive analog/mixed-signal design service that encompasses the entire design cycle, including system definition and partitioning, design and layout of the analog/mixed-signal circuits, and transfer to production.

With over seven years of analog/mixed-signal design experience and over ten year custom mask layout expertise in IC industries, IC-Tech is both efficient and capable of addressing a variety of highly specialized design challenges. IC-Tech's staff impart an uncompromising degree of engineering expertise to the design and development arena. From front-end, back-end, front-to-back design, layout, testing and documentation of the IP, products or services, IC-Tech has the knowledge and resources to transform your concept into viable designs. Whether your requirements are for new development, re-design for cost effectiveness, yield enhancements or due to obsolescence, IC-Tech has the expertise to satisfy your needs.

Mixed-Signal Layout

Layout is a very critical design phase in analog/mixed-signal development cycle as it is the key to transform a good design into best performing silicon. Whether you are looking for high precision or high speed layout solution, IC-Tech has the expertise you need.

Mixed-Signal CAD

Unlike their digital counterparts, analog/mixed-signal designers are often doing their own CAD support due to either limited analog tool support, tool availability's or lack of analog CAD support. That takes away precious time for designer's to complete or optimize designs or take care of system consideration, or issues.

Why not leave the CAD support tasks to us?

IC-Tech knows the tools, the scripts and how to support designers as we are designer's ourselves.

Mixed-Signal Design

You can invest your time, energy and resources in your core competencies. IC-Tech will help insure that your IP or product works, and that it is ready to ship on time and on budget.

IC-Tech has experience in:

  • Communication circuits:
    • clock-recovery PLLs
    • ISDN transceivers
  • Clock generation and distribution:
    • adaptive clock de-skewing
    • frequency synthesis
    • low-jitter applications
  • High frequency interface:
    • Sonet
    • Ethernet
    • Fibre Channel
    • LVDS

Keywords: Cad Support, Mixed-signal Design, Mixed-signal Layout,