Hatfield Consultants - Environmental Information Systems

By: Hatfieldgroup  09-12-2011
Keywords: Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Monitoring

Hatfield has expertise in the design, development and maintenance of on-line environmental information management systems. The close integration of Hatfield's IT expertise with environmental scientists results in the design of practical, useful solutions that meet our clients’ data management needs.


Hatfield develops environmental information systems that provide a complete range of capabilities, including:

  • Web-based environmental data management
    • Data management and reporting systems
    • Data analysis and reporting
  • Web-based project management systems
    • Permit tracking
    • Document and image management
    • Collaboration tools
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
    • Spatial data analysis and modelling
    • Web-based GIS visualization and analysis (internet map services)
    • Spatial database design, customization, and implementation
  • Data interoperability and exchange systems
  • Web-based knowledgement systems and toolkits
  • Training and capacity-building


Featured Projects

Regional Aquatic Monitoring Program (RAMP)
Since 2003, Hatfield Consultants has undertaken the management and implementation of the Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (RAMP) in the Athabasca oil sands region of northern Alberta. Hatfield has also provided environmental information system support to RAMP through developing a web-enabled environmental database and project website.

Sea-to-Sky Highway Environmental Database

Hatfield designed, developed and hosted an environmental database for the 2010 Winter Olympic highway upgrade project. In addition to maintaining environmental monitoring data, the Environmental Management System was also designed to assist the construction team with ensuring all permits, approvals and authorizations were obtained in a timely manner. Information on the 120 km long project could be accessed through a map interface.

Keywords: Aquatic Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Geographic Information, Geographic Information Systems, Information Systems,

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Hatfield consults with local residents, regulators, indigenous and First Nation peoples, and scientists and conduct external impact investigations to ensure optimal project outcomes. Hatfield performs assessment and monitoring studies for clients in many sectors, including oil and gas, mining, energy, transportation, and industrial facilities. Hatfield's core expertise is environmental monitoring and assessment for aquatic environments.


Hatfield Consultants - Contaminant Monitoring/Agent Orange

Regional Capacity Building Program in South East Asia Hatfield is implementing theRegional Capacity Building Program for Health Risk Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants in South East Asia. Coastal dioxin and furan monitoring programsSince 1989, Hatfield has understaken annual dioxin and furan trend monitoring programs for the pulp and paper industry in British Columbia, Canada.


Hatfield Consultants - Aquatic Ecology

Our projects include baseline investigations of aquatic ecosystem structure and function, and studies of human effects, such as pollution or physical disturbance, on these ecosystems. Many of Hatfield’s technical specialists are aquatic scientists, with expertise and experience in river, lake, and ocean environments throughout the world.


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Hatfield conducts biodiversity assessments and natural resource inventories in diverse environments, ranging from tropical regions to the Canadian high arctic. The Convention on Biological Diversity was signed by more than 150 countries at the 1992 Rio Summit signifying its international importance. Hatfield uses geographic information systems and remote sensing technologies to provide a unique perspective of the biophysical environment.