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By: Edgewater Site  09-12-2011
Keywords: Demolition, site preparation

Offering a Complete Range of Site Services

Clearing & Demolition

Most people think about the building process and the finished results, but construction usually begins with deconstruction. Though taking apart a structure doesn't appear to take much skill, knowing the right tools and techniques for demolition makes the job faster and safer. Edgewater utilizes the latest safety and controlled demolition techniques. Furthermore, upon demolition or deconstruction we re-use or recycle as much material as possible, which increases the life of landfills. Recycling reduces waste and subsequently reduces disposal costs.

Drilling & Blasting

Edgewater offers experienced, skilled professionals dedicated to safety, and sensitive to the environment. Our experts analyse the site and make recommendations accordingly. Efficient blast designs are then developed based on the project specifications, site conditions, and through the monitoring of vibration levels.

Hydraulic Splitters

Hydraulic splitters offer a method for breaking rock and concrete that can be used in areas where excavators are unable to get to or for precision breaking. The applications of the splitter are many and include retaining walls, concrete, floor slabs, foundations, reinforced concrete, and brick walls. Engineered for heavy work, hydraulic splitters can outperform many large mounted impact machines. The method is quiet and directions of breaks can be controlled. Using a splitter, large pieces of concrete or rock can be broken in seconds for removal. Splitters also minimize both shock and vibration.

Remote, Difficult or Unusual Projects

Site preparation in inaccessible, confining locations is our specialty. Edgewater has acquired a reputation for tackling exacting and atypical situations. Whether it entails a barge ride and subsequent craning in of an excavator to a remote area, to creek stabilization, or developing intricate landscape sets for the film industry, Edgewater has the expertise and experience to take on these projects.


Hydraulic Hammer/Breaker

Out most popular excavator mounted attachment, hydraulic hammers are effective in a wide range of demolitions and rock removal. Applications include concrete demolition and rock breaking. Depending on the type of rock, breakers can be used in lieu of blasting resulting in cost savings, minimal vibration, and tighter control.

* Compactor
* Crushers
* Rippers


Delivery of both construction and garden materials.


* Sand
* Gravel

* Limestone
* Drainrock
* Crushed Rock
* Navvy Jack
* Pitt Run

Garden Materials

* Topsoil
* Manure
* Bark Mulch

Site Preparation & Servicing

Description coming soon..

Heavy Landscaping

Description coming soon..

Keywords: Demolition, site preparation