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By: Coast Expressions  09-12-2011
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We know EVERY aspect of choosing and buying plumbing fixtures.  We know a lot about installing plumbing. We are available for consultations with homeowners, plumbers, contractors, designers, and architects.


Coast Expressions is a full service plumbing fixture showroom in North Vancouver. Our staff have been in the Design and Plumbing Fields for 20+ years.  While our specialty is plumbing fixtures, we can also help you with many other aspects of your renovation or new build.  From Space Planning to referring you to a few contractors and/or plumbers that you may choose to work with.

Space planning

Not everyone can read plans, and understand them and their  implications.  We can walk you through your plans so that they make sense to you.  We will help to ensure that the fixtures you choose will work in the space provided.

If you are planning a bathroom renovation, we can start you on your space planning adventure.  Bring in your space, drawn with a few measures on a piece of paper, and we will draw it to scale on our CAD program, and place your fixtures in the drawing.  Often, we can make better use of the space than you presently have.

Plumbing Product Sales

We stay in touch with dozens of suppliers, and can find the best product options for your project.  We are often one of the first to know of new products that are coming onto the market.  And, of course, we know the tried and true that have been on the market for years.

Choosing Plumbing Fixtures

We are there for you, from the beginning.  Especially at those times when the contractor surprises you with “We need the rough in today.” and you have no idea what he means or where to start.  We know what your contractor and plumber will require and when.  Once you  have chosen your fixtures, we will provide your plumber with the specs he will need, and we are available for consultation with him when/if he needs us.

Product Installation Advice

When a product is on the jobsite and the plumber and contractor have questions or problems with regards to the installation – this happens more often than people expect and it can be time consuming and costly if answers are not readily available.  Sometimes it is because it is a new product for the plumber to install, sometimes it is a missing piece or a faulty product that requires attention.  Whatever the reason, we are available to help.

Competitive Pricing

We stay in touch with the market and offer competitive pricing both for our products and for our services.  When budgets are tight, we have lines that have particularly good pricing and will use them to help you meet your budget.

We are an independent showroom

We have access to any product available in Canada.  We are not affiliated with any one particular wholesaler, so we don’t limit your product choices.


How We Work

Step 1

We will meet with you to discuss what you are trying to achieve. Through a series of questions we will guide you through the process of choosing and buying the right plumbing products for your project.

Step 2

Coast Expressions will compile a list of products that best suits your project using the criteria we set and the budget for the project.

Step 3

If you would like the freedom to shop around, this list will also include the retail price for each of the products and a list of the wholesale showrooms that carry the products. You are free to use this list to shop around for the best pricing before you decide who or where to buy from.


Our Consulting Packages to get you started

What’s included?

  • up to 1-hour of Space Planning
  • In-depth Planning and Consultation
  • Recommendations on the right product for your project
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Product Installation advice
  • Independent advice free from Vendor partnerships

Why spend extra dollars on plumbing products when you can spend a little time and just a few dollars with us? We will help you to choose the right products that fit your budget and project needs, and get the look you want.  You then are free to shop around for the best price, if you want to.

Package 1

Kitchen, Laundry room or Mudroom remodel

$75.00 CDN (refundable upon purchase of products from us)

Package 2

a 2 piece bathroom remodel or new build


Package 3

a 3 piece tub/shower bathroom remodel or new build


Package 4

a 4 piece ensuite with separate tub and shower units, remodel or new build


Kitchen/Laundry/Mudroom remodel

Kitchen, Laundry room or Mudroom remodel
$75.00 CDN (refundable upon purchase of products from us)

2-piece Bathroom

a 2 piece bathroom remodel or new build
$100.00 CDN (refundable upon purchase of products from us)

3-piece Bathroom

a 3 piece tub/shower bathroom remodel or new build
$150.00 CDN (refundable upon purchase of products from us)

4-piece Ensuite

a 4 piece ensuite with separate tub and shower units, remodel or new build
$200.00 CDN (refundable upon purchase of products from us)

Special Needs Consulting available

Do you have Special Needs?  We have worked with clients who have Special Needs family members and have been part of these very unique renovations.  Give us a call or contact us today.

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