Clear Flow Gutters, North Vancouver

By: Clearflowgutters  09-12-2011
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What does do? is a full service gutter cleaning company serving the Greater Vancouver Area.Our service includes:
-Clearing debris from gutters that may cause clogging
-Checking all downspouts to ensure proper drainage
-Informing you of any problems or deficiencies
-Disposal of all wasteWhat are my gutters doing?Your gutters play an integral part in the water management of your house. They collect and redirect rain water from roofs to your drainage system to prevent water intrusion into your home. Gutters never tend to be low or easy to clean and, as a result, home owners procrastinate cleaning them until it is too late and the damage is done. Often gutters are never thought of until there is a cascading waterfall greeting you during the heavy rains of fall winter and early spring. Neglecting to clean gutters does not save money.What happens when they are not cleaned?Gutters on most houses are either nailed or screwed into the fascia or rafter tail on a roof. As gutters become clogged, they start to hold water rather than letting it flow away. After the gutter becomes blocked, it starts to fill with more debris and water which provides a continual strain on the gutter mountings. Gutters start to lift away from the house exposing the wood to over flow and rotting. After a while gutters may pull away completely or start draining the wrong direction. Gutter repair or replacement is very expensive and is most often the result of neglect or damage.Can just the Gutters be damaged?Infrequently cleaned gutters also allow non-clogging debris to be built up and washed into the drain tile and drainage system surrounding your house. Clogging of this system can cause water intrusion through the foundation of your house. Repair of under ground drainage is extremely expensive. Regular cleaning can eliminate the problems of sagging gutters and reduce the build up of debris in your under ground drainage.How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?The frequency at which your gutters should be cleaned can vary depending on your surrounding tree cover and the condition of your roof. Trees within 50 Feet will blow plenty of debris into your gutters. An older roof can produce moss and grow sludge which will clog gutters. If this is the case, you should clean your gutters every 6 months. This may increase during stormy seasons when debris can literally fill a gutter over"Greater Vancouver's Gutter Cleaning Company"Please call us at 604-780-0179 for a free estimate.

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