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By: Cedar Kleen  09-12-2011
Keywords: Insects, Air Diffusion

The Cedar Mountain Systems Proprietary Blend

This unique blend of the purest Cedar Oil was developed from three separate distillations of Juniperus Virginiana, each at different temperatures and for different time periods.

Scientists discovered that by proportionately mixing these three pure oils, they managed to create extremely high beneficial spikes on the GC and laboratory test results. This “Blend” was then tested against all other pure cedar essential oils and provided conclusive proof that the overall air cleansing and therapeutic benefits to be gained from our blend, far outweighed all of the other oils many times over. The standard known benefits to be gained from pure cedar oil have been widely and formally recorded over many hundreds of years and there are countless scientific publications and studies readily accessible on the internet to back this up. Cedar oil has been used in health remedies, medications and treatments for hundreds of years and is still being used today in the same way.

2 Ounce Cedar Mountain proprietory diffusion cedar oil blend $34.95 


1 Ounce Cedar Mountain pure natural diffusion fragrance (Roses) $12.45 
1 Ounce Cedar Mountain pure natural diffusion fragrance (Mandarin) $12.45 
1 Ounce Cedar Mountain pure natural diffusion fragrance (Frankencense) $12.45 
1 Ounce Cedar Mountain pure natural diffusion fragrance (Jasmin) $12.45 
1 Ounce Cedar Mountain pure natural carrier oil for non diffusion mixing $10.65 

Our Eradik-8 Bio-Fluid

This all natural bio-fluid was developed and formulated from over 17 years of research, and what it offers is a truly all natural and highly effective elimination system for all types of non-beneficial insects. The formulation has been tested and proved by Rutgers University, the FDA and EPA and has been accepted into the Federal Government’s Bio-Preferred program. It is called a totally safe and exempt product under Rule 25b. Research proved that the most effective method to obtain total mortality rates on insects and bugs is by variable dry air diffusion at extremely low micon sized droplets. The product was named Eradik-8 because tha tis exactly what it does. Effectively and safely without any chemicals, toxins, poisons or synthetics. This bio-fluid is a professional grade level of extermination, but designed to be used by individuals without the need for any applicator’s licence. It has been formulated especially for air diffusion purposes and the proof of how good it is can be visibly seen in the first day of use. 



The beautifully designed, compact and portable state of the art air diffuser is especially suited to the accurate and precise diffusion of our proprietary Cedar Oil blend. It is very user friendly and provides an invisible cloud of molecules between 1 and 5 microns, depending of the air pressure you choose. The overall therapeutic benefits you will enjoy from this system using our pure oil blend are very noticeable and if you care to read some of the testimonials we receive, you will realize just some of the benefits other people have discovered.

This product is totally and proudly American made and it will provide you with years of reliable and carefree service. You can also take it with you on vacation, into the office, hotel rooms, board rooms, in to your RV or trailer or even out on the deck or porch to help keep annoying insects and bugs at bay.

Our system replicates this effect just as in nature but through the diffusion of the cedar oil turning it into a gaseous state which then penetrates the envelopes of buildings, homes, hotel/motel rooms and hospitals. Aroma Ace systems unique feature unlike air purifiers or cleaners is its ability to penetrate hidden spaces in building envelopes, following the natural movement of air circulation, penetrating the wall cavities, air ducts and high contact surfaces indoors. This System provides efficiency while reducing bacteria, mold spores and insects which is causing world wide businesses billions of dollars every year in employee health related problems. The Cedar oil solution effectively removes the causes of indoor air pollution, leaving clean, crisp, breathable air. 


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Keywords: Air Diffusion, Insects,

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